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From: "June Ramsey" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] just chatter
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 18:14:21 -0500
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Gen the fox , coons, possoms, and hawks are still hanging around. Late in
the evening they all come out to check out the food. The coons and possoms
like the seed we feed the squirrel's. also we keep water out and they all
indulge in heavy drinking too. ha!

Boy! the weather is hot here in Henderson this evening. This air conditioner
is doing some huffing, and puffing. 94 degree. Sun has been shinning really
hot. After all that rain won't take long to burn things up.

Our road has about gone to pot these hot days with all the big trucks
hawling 0ff limb's and tree's from the ice storm. they are running full
force, and one of the dump sites is down the road abt 2 or 3 mi. This hot
weather is making the black top bleed through.

The Norfork lake is got about half the Henderson Park covered. Guess will be
short of camp sites for the 4th. Don't know how the fire works will work out
this time.

Take care out there and keep cool. Junebug (this old bug has her wings
spread to keep cool. ha!)

"haven't heard from bern in a few day's. Ok gal speak up."

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Subject: [ARIZARD] just chatter

> Glad to see June being more active on the list, sorry you're having to
deal with fox along with the hawks. One of the biggest reasons I haven't
tried raising chickens. We have fox, coyote and stray wolves in my
> Anybody heard from Bernie lately, or see the news about missiles &
Hawaii??? Yikes! Hope she's not too worried about her guys.
> Have been enjoying all the new obits that have been placed on site lately.
> Gotta go, trying to get the gkids down for a nap, and they're not
cooperating with their gma.
> gen
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