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From: Jean M Cuevas <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Denton and Scott - Sharon and Jean
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 19:23:18 -0500
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Hi Bernie, Sharon,

I have nothing further on Reuben in my's been a long time since I have checked back in on the Denton mailing list, but the lady who started the list had a wonderful website, when I was on the list.

Sharon, have you checked out the archives for Denton-L? Also, here's the Denton web site:

Bernie, did you know that Sue Montgomery had passed away? I was so surprised just now, when I went to check her site and saw the tribute written to her.
She was my age, and passed away in 2006.

I know that our DENTONS connect further back in earlier generations, but I am not sure whether they in any way migrated together to AR. It's been a long time since I did any gathering on them....but, it's good to see some discussions going on again.


At 10:37 AM 2/16/2009, you wrote:
>Hi girls
>Sharon, as Jean knows - I am a Denton descendant, also.
>Beth of this List was able to find Greene Co., Missouri marriage records for
>Tipton and Jonathan Denton to Eliza and Jane Scott; sisters - in the 1830s.
>I descend from these lines. I am assuming that Tipton and Jonathan are
>brothers - however, I find know no birth family for them - so, it is just an
>assumption on my part.
>By the early 1840s, the two Denton families were in Arkansas and want to say
>that it was the 1850 census that they were in enumerated in Izard County.
>Both Dentons were deceased by the 1860 census and the households are headed
>by their widows. Jane Scott Denton, had by 1860 remarried to an Elijah
>Smith and he too was deceased by 1860.
>Each of the Dentons had three children that I know of. Two sons and a
>daughter for each. All of the Denton sons died in the Civil War and their
>was one I believe of Tipton's that lived through the War - only to die
>shortly thereafter.
>So, you can see how difficult it has been to research the Denton line that I
>descend from because of the absence of male descendants and the only two
>females. One of the daughter's I have found - the other I have not.
>Soooo, quite frankly - I don't know a thing about Reuben Denton. I would
>love to hear more about his migration routes - so, as to maybe put our two
>families together.
>It was YEARS ago that I found Jean Cuevas online through a Denton post. And
>it is because of that dear lady that I have been involved with the Izard
>County research list.
>The Dentons are a great, great mystery to me and may be that we can help
>each other?
>What do you think, Jean? Who is her Reuben Denton?

Jean Mayfield Cuevas
Marietta, GA
<>< Born once, die twice - Born twice, die once.
John 3:16

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