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From: "June Ramsey" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Arizard: Ok tornado
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 18:02:09 -0600
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Thanks Glenna. Feel so sorry for all those poor families that lost loves
ones and homes. That is terrible to look at.

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Subject: [ARIZARD] Arizard: Ok tornado

> Well, list members, I just got back from seeing part of the Lone Grove
tornado----and I will say what we saw was a mess. There are three areas they
are not letting anyone down--where most of the damage is--two are roads that
had trailer parks demolished, and the other is a very nice housing
development. The hiway patrol and National guard are in full force. We went
down several ways, and every way would be blocked--the site you are seeing
on tv where the furniture store was is right on the hiway, so you can really
see what used to be--soo sad. The churches are in full use with people
staying in them--workers , etc.--plus giving out clothes, etc. Baptist
relief has 3 big truck ther and a Salvation truck. --It is great to see the
way people are all pulling together. There are big red x,s on the checked
house or red strings tied on them--so people have really been working. I
have never heard any more about the car with 4 people in it, but I
> thought it was true since the dr. telling it had just come from the
hospital. OGE trucks out working everywhere----guess we had some left here
in Ok. that wern't working on the ice storm. They are supposed to give out a
list tomorrow of the ones killed, but they say there are still some who are
critical in the hospital, Mary Jones, so sorry about your computer deal---I
can't believe how bad it is about people finding ways to try to steal
money--know this has been hard on you. Well, everyone take care ----this is
your friendly reporter. Glenn G.
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