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From: "Betty BB" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] How's The Weather?
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 13:05:50 -0600
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I will give you my weather report from Franklin. Finely this morning about
11 am we got power and phone service back at work about a
mile east of Franklin.

At home, 2 miles north of Violet Hill, we lost power Tues, Jan. 27 at about
8 am and still do not have power service. Between me and
power is about 8 to 10 power pole broken and more spots have just the line
broke. They did get service on hwy 56 so hopfully they will start my way
one of these days.
We lost phone service for two day with the cell and got land line back
Saturday afternoon.

I do have gas heat and gas cook top so I haven't froze but sure miss that
water. I have a well so therefore not water without power.

One the good side I got the fridge cleaned out and my prunning done for
years. I do have one tree on my barn and had trouble getting to my horse
but got it out the back way.

The trees all around have brokeen limbs hanging and the ground is covered
around my place.

Most of the ice is gone so now its just clean up.


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Subject: [ARIZARD] How's The Weather?

Hi Folks,

I have just got to read my messages, and I had heard briefly before work
that President Obama had declared AR and KY disaster areas, but have on now
seen footage on KY, and none on AR.

How are all of you living in AR, doing? I am glad to see some able to get
messages out to the list, and I commend all of you for your fortitude in
making it through this tough time. I can imagine how miserable it would be
to be several days without heat, etc. We have only been without power for a
day and night here, one very cold winter when we first moved to GA. At that
time, we had a kerosene heater, and was able to make hot water by setting
the pan on top of the heater, and to stay warm by staying bundled in
blankets in the den with the heater. That was bad enough. So, I have a
good feeling of what you are going through.

I pray that all of this will soon be past and life back to normal for
> God Bless,
> Jean
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