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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Civil War Soldiers
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 09:14:09 -0500
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Would you mind posting the author of "Additional Civil War Soldiers in
Arkansas". Did you purchase the book? I'm sure you posted this information,
but I missed it. I'd love to read the book.

Thanks so much,
Susie (Mason) Pack
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Subject: [ARIZARD] Civil War Soldiers

Here is more from the books, "Additional Civil War Soldiers in Arkansas".

GEORGE H. THOMPSON: George Henry was born December 15, 1844 in Jackson
County, Alabama. He was the son of Daniel A. of Tennessee and Matilda E. of
Alabama. He married on October 3, 1866 Isabelle A. Means who was born July
14, 1845 and died October 8, 19028. He enlisted as a private in 1862 in
Company G, 3rd Arkansas Calvary under Capt. Winburn then Capt. Dumar wounded
near Atlanta. George died on June 6, 1918. He and his wife are buried in
Means Union Church Cemetery in Calhoun County, Arkansas.

GEORGE W. THOMPSON: George was born in Caldwell County, Kentucky on November
24, 1836. He was the son of William R. of Tennessee and Elizabeth Wells of
Tennessee. George, while practicing medicine in Lawrence County, Arkansas in
June of 1861 enlisted in Company D, 7th Arkansas Infantry, State Troops,
serving a few months. Then he answered the call for Confederate troops for 3
years. He enlisted in the 10th Missouri Light Artillery as assistant
surgeon. He served 12 months in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri. He
returned home on a furlough and was obliged to remain there, for the
Federals had taken possession of the river. Later he enlisted in the 2nd
Arkansas Calvary as assistant surgeon and operated in Arkansas and Missouri
until the close. He was on Gen. Price's raid in Missouri and Kansas, and was
captured in Prairie County Arkansas, just before the surrender. He was held
for 4 days and then released on account of him being a
surgeon, was sent to Little Rock within the city limits, where he remained
until the final surrender. He lived in Fulton County, Baxter County, Boone
County, Newton County then to Cave Creek, Arkansas. He married in 1865 in
Lawrence County, Mary E. Goforth of Giles County, Tennessee. He was in the
drug and grocery business. He died December 23, 1907 and was buried in
Western Grove Cemetery.

HENRY G. THOMPSON: He was born in 1840 in Washington County Arkansas. He was
the son of Blackburn Thompson of Virginia and Lucretia Lawson of Tennessee.
During the war, he joined the CSA as a 3rd lieutenant of Boone's Company I,
16th Arkansas Regiment. He left the company. On return, he was given the
post of sergeant. He was at Elhorn and Prairie Grove. He married in 1866
Sarah F. Malley of Tennessee who died April 10, 1873. He married August 8,
1876 Sarah Bushart of Tennessee. Henry died February 13, 1912 and was buried
with Sarah Malley in McCord Cemetery, Washington County, Arkansas.

J.F. THOMPSON: He was born March 4, 1838 Harris(on?) County, Georgia, He was
the son of James G. and Elizabeth (Penny). He took up abode in Arkansas in
1856. He was a Confederate soldier who enlisted in 1862 in Drew's Battery.
He was captured by Union troops while home on furlough in 1862 in Drew
County. He remained in the military until closed. He married Rhoda M. Brown.
He later married Martha Carter. He lived in Dallas County and then Drew
County, Arkansas after the war.

(Rev) J.T. THOMPSON: He was born near Jackson in West Tennessee on January
27, 1833. He was the son of James of North Carolina and Lydia Terrell. J.T.
was 7 months old when his mother died. He enlisted in the 51st Confederate
Tennessee Regiment in November of 1861. He was at Jackson, Tennessee and in
service in that state, also Alabama and Mississippi. His regiment was
captured at Ft. Donelson, but he escaped on a steamboat up the Tennessee
River. His regiment was reorganized at Corinth in the following March. Then
in May he was sent home on sick furlough. When he recovered sufficiently in
August of the same year, he enlisted in the 14th Tennessee Calvary in Gen.
Forrest's command and took part in the campaigns through Mississippi,
Tennessee, and Alabama in 1865. He was detached from his command in December
and never returned to his regiment until the close of the war. He returned
to Jackson, Tennessee and remained for some time.
He then was in Denmark about 4 years. He moved to Arkansas in 1870. At age
19 he married Mary J. Morrell who was born August 22, 1833 and died April 7,
1878. His second wife, Mrs. Martha A. Brand who was born on September 25,
1848. She dield July 11, 1926. J.T. died March 13, 1895. (Cound be James).
He lived in Green County, Arkansas and was buried with his wives in Hartsoc
Cemetery in Green County, Arkansas.

JOHN THOMPSON: He was born in South Carolina in 1825. He was the son of
William Thompson of South Carolina. He enlisted in 1863 Adair's County,
Monroe's Regiment, CSA. He lived in Clark County, Arkansas after the war.

More will be posted later.


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