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From: Carold Hodges <>
Subject: [ARIZARD] Civil War Soldiers
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 15:30:30 -0700 (PDT)

Here are afew more names from the books, "Additional Civil War Soldiers in Arkansas".  There were no Gillihan, or Ring listed.  Have some more Thompson and Tolleson to post.  Will post more later.  My fingers are becoming numb.  LOL
Harvey W. Grimmett:  Harvey Watson was born in Kentucky January 8, 1840.  He was the son of Andrew of Virginia and Mary (Wilson) of Kentucky here they were married.  The family came to Arkansas in 1855.  Harvey married in 1858 Sarah A. Hammond who was born November 16, 1837 and died June 19,1917.  In 1862 he joined the Confederate Army, Company C, Shaler’s Regiment, under Capt. Gibson.  He surrendered at Jacksonport, Arkansas on June 5, 1865.  He was engaged in some severe skirmishes, notably Augusta and Village Creek.  He died July 22, 1900 and was buried in Old Philadelphia Cemetery in Izard County, Arkansas.D Hammond:  He was born in Rochester, New York on November 3, 1840.  He was the son of S. of Vermont and Clarinda (Howe) of New York.  At the age of 20 he went to Missouri and worked as an engineer on the Northern Missouri Railroad for 4 years.  When the war broke out, he was running a government train, and was captured by Gen. Price
just west of Mexico, Missouri, where he was paroled upon taking the oath not to aid the North during the remainder of the war.  He married Lucretia Blodget in Michigan.  He sold steam fire-engines after the war for some 5 years.  During October of 1871, he heard of the great Chicago fire while on the way to exhibit an engine in St. Paul, Minnesota and he went to the scene from Michigan City, with his engine to Chicago.  He fought 4 nights and 3 days to assist in subduing the flames.  Eventually his work sent him to Marianna, Arkansas on February 17, 1889, here he settled with his family in Lee County, Arkansas.
WILLIAM B. HAMMOND:  He was born in 1828.  He was a member of Company K, 4th Alabama Calvary, CSA.  He was buried in Atkins City Cemetery.
AARON L. THOMPSON:  He was born in Wayne County, Indiana in 1836.  He was the son of Joseph and Mary Ann Mills.  He enlisted in 1863 with Company I, 1st Arkansas Regiment Infantry.  He was discharged at Ft. Smith on August 10, 1865.  He reached the rank of 1st Lt.   On October of 1860 he married Sarah J. Pool who died December 5, 1869.  He married July 8, 1870 Mrs. Eliza A. (Summer).  He lived in Madison County, Arkansas after the war.  He died May 6, 1913 and was buried in Bluff Cemetery in Madison County, Arkansas.
ABNER THOMPSON:  He was born in February of 1836.  He was a Confederate soldier in Company E, 15th Arkansas Infantry.  He died in 1915 and was buried in Thompson Chapel Cemetery, south of Appleton, Arkansas.
ANDREW J. THOMPSON:  He was born in Garrard County, Kentucky on December 12, 1828.  He was the son of Davis of West Virginia who died in 1859 and Gabraella (Dunn) of Maryland where a resident since 1840.  The father, Davis, came to Arkansas in 1836 as a land agent and moved his family to Arkansas 4 years later.  After Gen. Curtis had taken Helena Andrew passed the Federal lines and joined the Confederate Army, enlisting in Dobbins' Regiment.  He was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in December of 1862, he was captured by a party of the 14th Illinois Calvary.  He was taken to Helena and then to Memphis, Tennessee, where through the influence of Senator Sebastin, he was given his freedom for a time, but was soon sent North and confined at Camp Chase in Ohio, and then to Fort Delaware, and was held a prisioner until exchanged at Johnson's Island in December 1864.  After the war he returned to Helena.  He married July of 1865 Eliza Jones of Limestone
County, Alabama who died in 1868.  He married in 1870 Sallie E. Crenshaw of Limestone County, Alabama who died in 1886.  He lived in Lee County, Arkansas after the war.
BENJAMIN F. THOMPSON:  He was born in Morgan County, Alabama on February 6, 1836.  He was the son of Benjamin W. and Keziah (Jackson) of South Carolina.  He married in 1873 Mrs. Eliza Ann Wright (Joplin) who was born in Mississippi October 12, 1849 and died April 30, 1914.  In August of 1861 he joined Company H, 12th Alabama Infantry.  He was at the battles of Williamsburg, Seven Pines, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Seven Day's Fight around Richmond, Sharpsburg, and Gettysburg.  He was never captured but wounded at Gettysburg in the left shoulder.  He surrendered in Northern Alabama, being unfit for further service after he received his wound.  He died December 21, 1923 and was buried with his wife at Old Dallas Cemetery in Polk County, Arkansas.
FRANK THOMPSON:  He was a native of Missouri.  He was a Confederate soldier and served for 4 years in the army.  He was wounded on several occasions.  He lived in Berryville, Arkansas in his last years.
FRANK M. THOMPSON:  He was born in Osage County, Missouri on June 24, 1843.  He was the son of James and Esther (Estes).  He married August 15, 1865 Miss E.C. Hicks of Arkansas.  He enlisted in Arkansas State Troops for 3 months when disbanded.  He enlisted in the Confederate Army, Company G, 19th Arkansas Infantry, CSA and served until the surrender.  He was promoted to the rank of captain in 1864.  At Arkansas  Post he was taken prisoner and confined to Camp Chase, Ohio for 3 months then to Fort Delaware for a month and then to Petersburg, Virginia where exchanged at Oak Hill, Missouri.  He was at Chickamauga.  He lived in Garland County, Arkansas after the war.
GASTON M. THOMPSON:  He was born on March 17, 1837.  He was the son of Dr. James G. and Martha (Shanklin).  Gaston enlisted in 1861 with Company C, 11th Mississippi Regiment.  He was mustered into service at Harper's Ferry, Virginia.  In 1862 he was commissioned assistant surgeon and held this position until the end of the war.  He married Emma Munroe who was born March 25, 1862 and died January 26, 1937.  He died May 15, 1915.  He and his wife are buried in Lonoke City Cemetery in Lonoke County, Arkansas. 

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