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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Civil War Soldiers
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That certainly is a nice thing that you are doing and I know will be
most helpful to many.
Betty Mc
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Subject: [ARIZARD] Civil War Soldiers

> More from the books: "Additional Civil War Soldiers in Arkansas."
> JESSE N. CYPERT: He was born in Wayne County, Tennessee on December 5,
> 1823. He was the son of Jesse and Jemimah. The subject married in February
> 1855 Sarah Harlan (Warthen) of Alabama. He inlisted in October of 1861 as
> a Captain in the Confederate Army, 5th Arkansas Battalion, or 8th
> Arkansas. He was elected Major in October Pocahontas, Randolph County,
> Arkansas. He was sent east of the Mississippi River. After the battle of
> Shiloh, he resigned due to health and went home. Later entered the
> commisary department and purchased supplies for the troops until after the
> surrender of Little Rock. He was taken prisoner at Searcy in October of
> 1863 and was detained at Little Rock for about 3 weeks. He was paroled as
> a citizen the same month. He was in the convention that passed the
> ordinance of secession in 1861. He died September 1, 1913 and was buried
> in Oak Grove Cemetery, White County, Arkansas.
> JOHN W. CYPERT: He was born in Wayne County, Tennessee on April 22, 1826.
> He was the son of John of Virginia and Nancy (Anderson) of Tennessee. His
> parents came to Sercy County in 1850. John W. married Sarah Lloyd who was
> born March 13, 1845. In July of 1861 he became commissary of McArver's
> Confederate Regiment. But he was discharged from service on account of
> measles. He afterward joined J.T. Coffee's Regiment as Captain of Company
> E and was with Price on his Missouri raid. His eldest son Thomas was also
> on the raid and taken prisoner at one time, but at the end of 9 days was
> discharged. John lived in Baxter County, Arkansas after the war.
> THOMAS PERRY CYPERT: He was born in Wayne County, Tennessee on June 1,
> 1820. He was the son of Jesse and Jemimah (Worthen) of Virginia. Thomas
> lived in Izard County, Arkansas since 1852. He enlisted in the infantry
> under Capt. Deason. He was with the troops stationed at Bowling Green,
> Kentucky during that year. After he participated in the battle of Shiloh,
> the following year he was discharged and return home to farm. He died
> November 22, 1891 and was buried in Lunenburg Cemetery, Izard County,
> Arkansas.
> W.E. HILL: He was born in Izard County, Arkansas. The was the son of
> Thomas of Kentucky and Rachel Burlisson of Indiana. Thomas came to
> Arkansas in 1836. W.E. "espoused the Confederate Cause" and joined C.A.
> Shaler's Batallion but only served a short time when discharged on account
> of sickness. After being home for 1 year, he joined the army and served
> under Capt. Wolf until the close of the war. He was in all fights with
> Gen. Price in Missouri. He surrendered at Jacksonport, Arkansas on June 5,
> 1865. In 1867 he married Margaret J. Billingsley. He lived in Izard
> County, Arkansas after the war.
> A.A. MARCHANT: Anderson (?) A. was born in Bedford County, Tennessee in
> 1841. At age 21 he "donned a suit of blue" and enlisted in the 1st
> Arkansas Infantry, Company C, USA. He served for six months when he was
> discharged at St. Louis, Missouri in December of 1863. He then drove a
> team for the government and acted as guide until 1864 when he enlisted in
> the 48th Missouri Company E for 12 months. He served only 9 months when
> discharged again at St. Louis on July 1, 1865. At the close of the war, he
> was at Chicago, Illinois, guarding the prisoners. On July 16, 1865 he he
> wedded Amanda F. Dixon of Izard County, Arkansas in Miller County,
> Missouri. After the war he lived in Izard County, Arkansas. A son is
> buried in Talley Cemetery in Izard County.
> A.J. McCOLLUM: He was born in Hickman County, Tennessee in September of
> 1845. He was the son of John and Susan (Carothers). Both Both came from
> South Carolina and then moved to Tennessee. He can to Arkansas in January
> of 1903. In 1867 he married Alice Harrington who was born in Perry County,
> Tennessee. In the fall of 1861 he enlisted in the Confederate Army. He was
> a member of Company H, 42nd Tennessee Infantry. He was the Capt. of his
> company and was paroled and discharged near Franklin, Tenneaaes in
> November of 1864. He fought in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Georgia. He was
> captured at Fort Donelson (Tennessee). He served a 7 month prison term at
> Chicago, Illinois. He lived in Atkins, Pope County, Arkansas.
> IRVING R. NAIL: He was born in Tennessee in 1825. He was the son of Andrew
> of Virginia who died in Arkansas in 1838 and Lucy of Kentucky. In 1861 he
> enlisted in the Confederate Army, Johnson's Company, 13th Arkansas
> Regiment. He participated in the Battle of Belmont. He was shortely
> discharged on the account of sickness. This ended his war career. He
> married in 1863 Amanda Raney who died in 1877. He then married in January
> of 1881 Miss. Nancy Cobb. He lived in St. Frances County, Arkansas after
> the war.
> PVT. ROBERT NAIL: He enlisted July 3, 1862 in Johnson County, Arkansas at
> age 24. He was a member of Company A, 1st Arkansas Infantry, USA. He died
> at Springfield, Missouri on October 16, 1862.
> THOMAS A. NAIL: He was born in Mississippi in 1842. He was the son of
> Willian A. Nail of Tennessee and Milinda Williamson of Mississippi. Thomas
> at age 18 married Sallie Brown of Izard County. In 1862 he joined the
> calvary under Capt. George W. Rutherford of Independence County. He was in
> many important engagements during his service. He surrendered at
> Jacksonport, Arkansas and returned home. He lived in Izard County,
> Arkansas after the war. He could be buried in the Nail Cemetery.
> Will be more later.
> Carold
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