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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] William Alexander RIDGWAY d. 1917 Baxter County, AR
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 21:01:46 -0700 (PDT)
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Vera and Earl: Thanks for the input. Gosh, Vera, if you weren't so nosy, we wouldn't get so much information on here from you. <smile>

As I understand, "Uncle Billy" died July 1917 at Shady Grove near Buford and was buried in the SMITH Cemetery, and we know what became of that cemetery. It became a pasture and was plowed under. Sad to me that such a worthwhile life -- and one who wanted to leave family history to his descendants -- can not be recognized in death.

In the narrative of his life, he expounded on the Primitive Baptists a great deal. He included little vignettes about others. When I first ran across Bernie online, I was able to tell her what he included about Joel SINOR.

When I first ran across a TALBURT descendant online, I said, bet you didn't know "Uncle Wat" could kick his heels together at an advanced age. He spoke of people he met throughout his life. Because of him, I can go to Weakley and Henry Counties, Tennessee, and locate our lines and those allied.

He knew the NELSONs at Buford. I have a poem he typed on Nelson Store paper. At the urging of his grandson, an attorney in San Antonio, he wrote what he remembered about Davey CROCKETT. His memories were from when he was a young boy, when Davey CROCKETT had a hunting cabin near where WAR's uncle lived. The story he relates about his political opponent HUNTSMAN runs true to that told in a paperback book I have on Davey CROCKETT. His story was published in San Antonio newspaper.

He described Nathan Bedford FORREST as sitting tall in the saddle, charging ahead, and calling, "Come on, boys!" That's exactly the way he is described in two books I have on NBF. When WAR spoke of being in Mississippi with his Company, and said one place was so many miles from another, I checked his information against maps, and he was exactly right.

The loom he made for Salena JONES "may" be in the Smithsonian. I've been told it was at the World's Fair (Seattle ?). He was a shoemaker, a builder of houses and railroad round houses. About 1880, son Leander Calvin "Hoss" RIDGWAY had moved from Colorado to the Sugar Loaf Mountain area (Fort Smith, AR). He wanted to visit them and arranged a ride. Somehow the ride fell through and he walked all the way from Baxter County to his son's home. He stayed for a while and sold nursery stock. He returned by walking through the mountains, went through Searcy County, by Buffalo, and on to Lone Rock. Along the way, he inquired about location of any Primitive Baptists and he visited any he found - going and coming!

I have often thought I'd like to find a way to remove his remains. He was probably buried in his Confederate buttons. He never wanted to enlist, but describes how difficult life was -- "you never knew when you went to bed at night if you'd wake up in the morning ..." and finally relented and enlisted in Tennessee's 20TH Cavalry under NBF. He served as Second Lieutenant. His son, John Almus RIDGWAY, my great-grandfather who lived at Lone Rock, Baxter County, enlisted in the 20th also. WAR urged him not to go. He was about 15, and could go to his Grandfather's and contine his schooling, as things weren't so restless there. WAR saw him later and could tell he wished he had taken his advice. JAR died in Polk County, Texas, and they show his service with Arkansas, an error I hope to have the SCV to correct.

Here is what Aunt Cleora wrote about the Salem Primitive Baptist Church. The picture was taken in 1922.

Salem Church - 1922

"To Mama" Early years where Greatgrandpa, others worshipped. Primitive Baptist Church. Grandpa's funeral held here July 1917.

(in picture) Mr. Osborne (W. H. - name / initials from WAR obit); Cleora; Mrs. Tom Knight (nee Lou Ann SMITH); Mrs. JONES; Mr. JONES; Brewer ROBERTSON (husband of Cleora KING); Mrs. FAUCETT (sp.); Mrs. John SMITH (Preacher); Mrs. "One-Arm" SMITH.

There are at least two, maybe three, not identified.


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