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From: "Vera Reeves" <>
Subject: [ARIZARD] 3 young Calico Rock boys disappearance
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 18:46:06 -0500
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> Vera,
> Could you please send the 3 articles that were in the Calico paper again?
> I thought I saved it but can't locate it now.
> Thank you,
> LoreneM.
> -------------------------------

> Calico Rock Progress
> Mar 22, 1956 - 2 Local Boys Missing
> Authorities and others have been carrying on an intensified search
> for two local youths missing from their homes since last Sunday. To date
> they have found no trace of them and they are asking anyone seeing the
> youngsters, or knowing anything about them to call Sheriff Elmer Fudge,
> collect number 5 at Melbourne.
> The boys, Phillip "Shorty" Cantrell and Sam Napier, were last seen
> about 2:p.m. Sunday, March 18, just north of Calico Rock.
> At first they were believed lost in one of the caves and then the
> possibility of their having drowned in the White River was considered, but
> a
> thorough search by a large group of local men and boys of both the cave
> areas and the river revealed no clues what-so-ever.
> Phillip is 12 years old, small for his age, weighing about 75.80
> pounds and when last seen was wearing blue jeans, a green jacket and a new
> pair low cut shoes.
> Sam is 14 years old and medium build, weighing about 110, has brown
> hair and was wearing blue jeans, a red plaid jacket and white tennis
> shoes.
> The families of both boys are quite worried and upset and any
> information would be greatly appreciated. Remember to notify Sheriff Fudge
> at Melbourne or Austin Reeves at 15F2 in Calico Rock.
> ______________________________________________________
> Calico Rock Progress
> Mar 29, 1956 - Boys Still Missing
> There has been no word or trace of the two local boys missing from their
> homes here nearly two weeks now.
> It was first feared the boys were lost in a cave or had drowned in
> White River but searchers have failed to find any trace of them, it is now
> believed that the boys have run away and may be heading toward Kansas or
> Arizona, where one of the boys have relatives.
> _____________________________________
> Calico Rock Progress
> Apr 6, 1956 - No Trace of Missing Boys - Two Public Meetings Held This
> Week
> It will be three weeks Sunday since Shorty Cantrell and Sam Napier
> disappeared from their homes here. The possibility of their having been
> lost
> in a cave or drowned in White River has not been ruled out entirely but is
> seems unlikely in view of other facts. One of the boys instructed a
> school-mate to tell his teacher he wouldn't be back to school, which
> indicates that there were thoughts to perhaps leave home. Then on the last
> day they were seen (Sunday, Mar 18) by a lady, who has a grocery store at
> the edge of Mtn Home was reasonable certain that they were the two young
> boys who purchased candy and bananas about 3:00 to 3:30 p.m. that day and
> paid for the articles with a dollar bill. This places them from the
> immediate area. Several search parties which would assure one that they
> were
> still about this community.
> Many persons, however, have felt they should re-check the caves and
> the river so they called a meeting for Tuesday night, April 3, at the City
> Hall. At this time they discussed the various angles of the case and it
> was
> finally agreed to hold another meeting the following night April 4, and to
> request the presence of the Sheriff, a representative of the State Police
> and of any other law enforcement office which might have some connection
> with the case. It was believed it would be wiser to plan farther searching
> parties after hearing a complete story of everything done by various
> police
> offices. Too, these men could more expertly organize the towns people in
> groups to explore the cave or the banks of White River once more.
> A large crowd was on hand for the second meeting held at 7:30 p.m.
> in the school lunch room. Mr Thurman Mason presided over the meeting and
> he
> briefly explained the purpose of the gathering and called upon Sheriff
> Fudge
> to introduce the law enforcers.
> _______________________________________
> Melbourne Times - Mar 6, 1958 - Bodies of Long-Lost Calico Rock Boys
> Found
> In Cave
> A mystery almost two years standing as to what happened to two
> Calico Rock boys was believed solved Tuesday afternoon when a searching
> party led by Sheriff Elmer Fudge, Haskell Sitten (unclear) and several
> members of the State Police found what was positively identified as the
> remains of their bodies.
> The two boys were Phillip "Shorty" Cantrell son of Chuck Cantrell
> and Sam Napier son of Mrs Viola Napier. The boys disappeared on Sunday,
> March 18, 1956. At the time Shorty was 12 years old and Sam 14.
> Their remains were found in a smaller cave near the Bergman cave.
> This cave is not as large as the Bergman cave but is still very large. A
> pair of shoes belonging to Sam Napier and one shoe belonging to Shorty
> Cantrell was found. One skull was found and one chin bone of another skull
> which Dr. Noel Copp said did not belong to the other skull as it did not
> fit. Also found in the cave were bones and parts of skeletons. The bones
> are
> being found from the entrance of the cave to back into it a considerable
> distance. There is a stream of running water in the cave, which had washed
> the bones to the mouth of the cave. To find some of the bones the search
> party had to wade water over their knees.
> What renewed the search for the boys or their bodies was a belt
> which was found at the mouth of the cave Monday. It was thought the belt
> could have been dragged out of the cave by an animal. It was worn by Sam
> Napier on the day the boys disappeared.
> Sheriff Fudge after further investigation said Wednesday afternoon
> that the chin bone of the other skull had been found. He added there was
> no
> evidence of foul play but the bones would be examined for that
> possibility.
> Elmer Also express the opinion that the boys entered the cave,
> their
> source of light failed and they were unable to find their way out.
> Napier, Samuel David 3 Aug 1944 - 18 Mar 1956 in Spring Creek Cemetery
> Cantrell, Phillip Wayne 17 Mar 1944 - 18 Mar 1956 in Spring Creek Cemetery

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