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From: "Vera Reeves" <>
Subject: [ARIZARD] James Gang --- Beth
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 10:45:24 -0600
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The Jesse James I did research on had nothing to do with the outlaw Jesse
James. What I mean I guess is I didn't find the connection to the outlaw. He
was killed about the time of the Civil War by a gang of renegades. If I
remember correct he was hung near his grist mill. Seems it was Taney or
Ozark County, MO. It's been years since I worked on that and I don't have it
in my computer and I can't seem to find the hard copy. If I find anything I
let you know.

Sorry to leave you hanging. You migth check the Ozark History book. Vera
> Vera, the last I heard from any of those James
> researchers for my America Elizabeth Alexander Johnson's
> Mother's grandmother was that there is still the major feud
> in that group of researchers-----so personally, I am not saying
> a word about what little bite I know about the Alexander line
> Freeman & James connection until I know for certain and have
> more proof of who they were.
> The one lady who I really believe is correct, has documented the
> family that I think our group actually descends from pretty carefully
> back in IL and it really does look to me like we are not connected to
> the "outlaw" Jesse James. But like I said before, I sure don't want to
> get in the middle of that debate without more concrete info on who
> my America's great grandmother actually was and how she was connected
> to those other James families living in Douglas Co., MO.
> Did you have any more encounters "of the outer dimension" with
> that bunch? I know the story about Jesse J. being seen in southern
> MO after some of the Alexander girls lived in AR but I suspect that
> to have been mistaken. It may very well have been their Mother's relative
> but I don't believe he was the "outlaw". However, I do not at all dispute
> the stories that particularly in the mountainous areas of Baxter Co., AR
> along the White River that there were families who owned land with
> caves where the "outlaw" Jesse J. did hideout when doing his disappearring
> acts. There is one pretty good account that I know about ----but that
> whole
> family was so secretative and that they left Baxter and moved to the
> coastal
> areas of Texas and never lived on land again-----makes you wonder what
> else was going on or had gone on in Baxter & Stone before they left. Would
> love to
> talk to our dear "Peggy T." again? Wonder if anyone, Bernie included of
> course
> ever heard from her? She moved from Tulsa to TX and then she quit the list
> so
> I do hope she is still around and doing some research.
> Vera, this does remind me, I have some marriage info that you may or may
> not
> have about the Alexander girls, will post in just a minute.
> Glad to see you still interested in this crazy bunch but it is sure too
> complicated
> for me---I'm still trying to identify the siblings of America's Mother and
> Father
> to be certain I haven't missed anyone. And the collaborators that could be
> seem to
> either have conflicting or more numerous siblings than I can verify so I'm
> still stumped
> on that bunch. My grandmother's stories, thou wonderful and colorful, had
> lots of incorrect
> or incomplete info in them. What I have found was that many of the Uncles
> she remembered
> in one family acturally turned out to be in the other side of the family's
> group of Uncles so
> it always makes me double check what I think may be true (from the story).
> It's a work in
> progress but it is so confusing, I don't seem to have the concentration to
> stay with it very
> long until I'm so disgusted I can't see straight with all the conflicting
> info.
> Will send those marriages now.
> Thanks for you interest, Vera.
> Beth
> Beth,
> Did you ever learn more about "your" Jesse James ?
> How he died and that he wasn't part of the James gang?
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>> Source: Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO); Date: May 21, 1890
>> Some of Jesse James' Band Captured in Wisconsin.
>> Special to The News.
>> Jefferson, Wis., May 20. -- Three men said to be members of the once
>> noted
>> Jesse James gang, were handed over to the Missouri officers by local
>> authorities yesterday. A week ago information was received here that the
>> authorities of Douglas county, Missouri, wanted three men on a charge of
>> murder and of robbing the Douglas county treasury at Ava of $7,000. May
>> 14 Deputy Sheriff Herman Gralwie, at Watertown, identified and arrested a
>> man giving the name of F. S. Berry on the description furnished him from
>> Missouri. The next day two other men arrived on a train from the south
>> and inquired for the man who had been locked up, and were promptly taken
>> in. The officers in pursuit were upon the same train as the last two
>> arrested, but neither party was aware of the identity of their fellow
>> travelers. Sheriff Lyon of Douglas county arrived yesterday, recognized
>> his men at once, and took them back to Missouri to-day. The report that
>> the criminals were members
>> of the old Jesse Jam!
>> es gang of murderers, although freely circulated, is not given full
>> credence, as the oldest of the men is less than 40 years of age, and the
>> youngest not over 25. Their names are Scott, Officer and Harlow. Each
>> carried a complete kit of burglar's tools and weapons.
>> Source: The Olean Democrat (Olean, NY); Date: May 22, 1890; Page: 1
>> The Jesse James Gang.
>> Madison, Wis., May 21. -- Three members of the Jesse James gang are now
>> under arrest at Jefferson, in this state, and officers from Missouri are
>> in the city with requisitions for their return to Missouri. The names of
>> the prisoners are said to be J. M. Officer, alias William Harlow, T. W.
>> Berry and George Scott. All were heavily armed, having revolvers and
>> Winchesters, and a kit of burglar's tools. The men broke jail in Douglas
>> county, Missouri, some time ago. It is said they will be held for
>> murder.
>> Source: The Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL); Date: June 07, 1890; Page: 2
>> Madison, Wis., June 6. -- Special Telegram. -- J. M. Officer, George
>> Scott, T. H. Perry, the remainder of the Jesse James gang, captured at
>> Jefferson, Mo., May 19, and then taken to Douglas County, Missouri, broke
>> jail and escaped to-day with six other prisoners. They are wanted for
>> murder, burglaries, and numerous other offenses. A large reward is
>> offered for their capture.
>> (These citations were found at 19th Century U. S. Newspapers at
>> )
>> Rhonda Johnson
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