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From: "Diana Holland Calderon" <>
Subject: [ARIZARD] boils, insect bites & such
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 15:19:27 +0000
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I was going to say... what y'all are describing as boils, are what I see in
the doctors office as staph infections.

The exudate (drainage) is highly contagious. They need to be kept covered
to catch the drainage, and good handwashing practices observed after
cleaning. or wear gloves and discard used dressings inside a glove.

Antibiotics are given. Staff infections are frequently thought to be brown
recluse spider bites, as when it starts draining the center white spot turns
black. It can start with any small opening in the skin... a mosquito bite
seems to be a frequent start.

An old indian remedy for bites is to apply a wet tobacco poultice to the
bite. Changing the poultice as it starts drying. This really works.

My daughter had a bite on her foot and it was so swollen the skin on her
foot was about ready to split. It wasn't responding to antibiotics and was
getting worse and worse. I was so scared she was going to lose her foot.
Then I remember Yellow Raven putting a tobacco poultice on a young girl at a
gathering... and I stayed up all night and applied the tobacco poultice and
in the morning, all the redness, swelling, and heat was gone.

Schreiner's is an old indian remedy for horses and such that will heal
wounds and grow the hair back without discoloration. A friend of mine tried
it on an ulcer she had and said it showed remarked improvement.

It's funny, but in nursing, I see products we use on our animals being used
on wounds... like Granulex... but they sure cost alot less in the feed
store! Vet-rap is called coban for humans... etc... Who knows they may
have changed the composition slightly... they may not have... I haven't
checked into that.

My granddad used hard licorice for constipation.


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