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Subject: [ARIZARD] Westpoint School
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 19:14:15 EDT

Thanks to all who responded about Westpoint School. It is only known that it
existed in 1921 in the old newspaper article. Does anyone have a clue as to
the actual dates of the school such as when it was built and when it
consolidated. I assume it lasted until at least the 1930s for Orgel Mason to have
attended it. I knew it had to be very close to Harold's grandparents' farm as
Orgel was raised near them. He was always making wisecracks that he was a
Westpoint graduate when in fact there really was such a school in the county.
Harold, am I understanding correctly that it is near or on the same road that led
to your Aunt Zelma and Uncle Dalton's? Ot would it be closer to the Carl Hames
place? Also, does anyone know of a church or cemetery that also existed
there. I have heard mention of the Ludy Forrest place for many years by people in
the area. There are still many curves in that portion of Highway 56 as it
has never been straightened between Brockwell and Violet Hill and Franklin that
I am aware of. There, of course, is one very dangerous curve still there,
that has been the site of many dangerous fatal wrecks.


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