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From: "Harold Blevins" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Westpoint School- Evalyn
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 16:36:35 -0500
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I only remember one 90 degree bend in the road between Brockwell and Forrest
Chapel, so that must be it. It vaugely resembles the description you gave, except that
the highway department has smoothed out the turns in the last 80 years! If you can access
the map at the address below, Highway 56 comes in from Brockwell on the left side of
the map, makes a left hand turn, then in about half a mile , a right hand turn. It proceeds
on a half mile west past Forrest Chapel, then a sweeping right hand turn past Carl Hames
place on the right and on past the Harrison Hames place on the left.

If you go back to just before Forrest Chapel on highway 56, you will see an "802" elevation
designator. If you proceeded due north from this point, (up the lane that used to be there),
up to near Bench Mark 833.0, this was where Walter and Alma Mason lived, and where
Orgel Mason grew up. Then a bit further down on the left was my Uncle Wilson's house and
then on the left, my grandparents house.

Now back to the first left turn mentioned, there is a road that proceeds on to the east for a little
ways, then turns back south toward Larkin and Old Philadelphia. This must be the spot where
the old Westpoint School was located. After Highway 56 turns back right again toward Forrest
Chapel, there is a road that continues on north, just as your mother described it. Hope this
verifies your mother's recollection!!! (My Dad was about 10 years old at this time and only lived
about a mile away, so he may have attended this school as well.). Harold B.

Here's a USGS topographic map from the TopoZone! (Forrest Chapel)

My Mom went to that school and pointed out where it "used" to be. Between Brockwell and Forrest Chapel the road makes a "hard left" ( close to Ludie Forrest's-Northerly) the lane that continues East at that hard left is where Westpoint school once was. Now...having said that I HOPE that was the school she mentioned. LOL My grandparents, Fred and Ethel Waggoner lived just up the road towards Forrest Chapel and Fred used to make a path on the road for the kids to walk to school. Now that was a LONG way to walk to school, especially in winter.

My Mom was 6 years old in 1921 so it was around then.

Evalyn Champion

Has the old Westpoint School located in the Violet Hill, Larkin, Forrest
Chapel between the area of Highway 56 and the Chapel Hill Road (south of 56 and
west of Violet Hill) areas ever been located and pinpointed? Also, was it
denoted in the Izard County School Book a few years ago since it lasted until the
20s and 30s and the age iis in question. It was still in existence as a one
room school as late as the 1920s and 1930s, a fact from a 1921 newspaper by
Betty McCollom and attended by well-known musician and music educator Orgel Mason
(1916 - 2002) who attended the school when he lived near Forrest Chapel as a
child. Thanks, just wondering if anyone can help with the exact location of
it and whether it may still be standing and if a cemetery is with it.


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