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From: "Betty BB" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Trail of Tears
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 09:30:14 -0500
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In one of my books on Indian and the Rolls. It says that the Indian's that
came into this area before 1820 was not included on any rolls.

One record you might find is if you ancestor file a claim. Vera will have
to help you with this, but I know some with Indian blood did file clans for
something and right now I can't remember the date or what it was for. I
think Vera has posted some of the application, may be wrong, may have been
someone else. But I think that is about all the records there was, except
a rare census report.

Does anyone know if the records listing the U S soldiers, that escorted the
Indians, is available anywhere? I would like to see the list of all the

Betty BB

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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Trail of Tears

> It was also against the law back then, in some states, if not all... for
> indian and a white to marry. Indians could not own land, etc...
> I have another branch of supposed indian blood, but I will probably never
> able to figure it quite out either. Had heard possibilities with another
> branch... but no one else had heard it. So who knows. There was a lot
> intermarriage than people realize I'm sure. It's so sad... lose who you
> are, or lose your freedom.
> I had figured it would be the old settlers... ones who came prior to the
> trail of tears... that my blood came from... but finding the link when
> everyone tried to lose the heritage... it's worse than a needle in a
> haystack.
> My parents never even admitted it... it was an uncle who told me. Then
> and dad confirmed it. In all the years of cowboys and indians play... I
> wanted to be an indian... always felt an affinity for them. Rode my paint
> with the wind bareback... I found out a little late why... it's in my
> blood.
> Di
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> >Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Trail of Tears
> >Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 21:00:41 -0500 (Central Daylight Time)
> >
> >You are 100% right about folks up there keeping their Indian blood quiet
> >for
> >fear of being moved (also for fear of what we now call discrimination).
> >great grandmother, Dora Clem Lawrence, wife of John Martin Lawrence, was
> >reportedly either 1/4th or 1/2 Indian, presumably Cherokee but no one
> >for sure. It is for that reason I had feathers put on her headstone I
> >placed on her unmarked grave a couple of years ago. Her mother, Martha
> >Hardin Clem was adopted by a white family around the time of the Trail of
> >Tears. My father told me that the Lawrence's did not claim their Indian
> >blood as they were afraid they would loose their home and then later did
> >not
> >sign up for a roll number as they did not want a hand-out or have the
> >know they were Indians. Someone in the family told him this when he was
> >young.
> >
> >Rick Lawrence - Tulsa
> >
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> >From: Betty BB
> >Date: 8/21/2007 1:55:46 PM
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> >Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Trail of Tears
> >
> >I will add my two cents worth on this Indian story. Like Bernie's Will
> >Rogers saying, " I have a Little Indian Blood in me also, sooooo.
> >
> >On land that is now Izard and Stone County The Shawnee Indians did live.
> >The government moved them to the Cherokee grant land ,on the White River,
> >( the Stone County Side) about 1818 or 1819. Colonel Lewis was their
> >
> >In the Treaty of 1828 they moved to the created Indian Territory west of
> >the
> >
> >AK border.
> >
> >At that time the now Stone County land, west of the White River, was
> >Surveyed and White families moved on to the land.
> >
> >I don't believe there were Indian Village at Sylamore in the 1850's. I'm
> >Not saying there was no Indian people living in Izard and Stone County
> >after
> >
> >1828, my gggrandmother is said to be full blood Cherokee and she lived in
> >Izard Co until she died in 1860's, but if you were of Indian blood you
> >It quite or you were moved to OK. A lot of Indians were inter -married
> >With Whites and stayed in the area.. Most had married before moving the
> >This area around 1820. It took a long time for people in AR to start
> >Claining their Indian Heritage again.
> >
> >The Trail of Tears happened about 1838 and if I remember what I have read
> >on
> >
> >This, there were about 10 or more bands moved. They were moved in groups
> >Of about 1000 by US Soldiers. Several came through AR and some came by
> >Of the TN River and then crossed the Mississippi up by KY and came
> >MO..
> >
> >The story goes that Wiseman got it's name from one of the Soldiers moving
> >The Indians. He like the area so much when they came through he came back
> >Later and settle there, hence the name Wiseman.
> >
> >The old Military Road does go through Franklin, on up South of Oxford and
> >Then North of Pineville and on to the Norfork area. It is believed and
> >Passed down through oral history that this is one of the trails that was
> >Used to move the Cherokee from AL to OK.
> >
> >On Indians being drowned south on Norfork on the Norfork River. I have
> >Never heard this story and if it is South of Norfork it would be the
> >River. The Norfork runs into the White at Norfork and then it would be
> >North of this point, up into MO. I would think it would be mention in
> >Of the writing of the area if it happened. I didn't understand, from the
> >Story, what date the drowning were to have happened . I'm wondering if
> >It was a story from the time the Shawnee lived in the area. I not saying
> >Didn't happen but even though I'm not from MO I need more proff.
> >
> >As to Jacob Wolf being a Indian Agent, no records to date have been found
> >Confirming this. Matthew Adams was appointed a government agent in
> >1803,while still in KY, and the Adams and Wolf Families all move to the
> >Izard CO area around 1819. It is possible Jacob may have had a trading
> >On the Stone County side , for the Shawnee Indians, when he first move to
> >The area. He was not list in the 1820 census, so it is thought he lived
> >The Stone County side ( Indian Territory) and was therefore not listed in
> >The census as was his father and other family members.
> >
> >When the Wolf House was restored a few years back extensive research was
> >Done on the history of Jacob Wolf and the area . I would recommend this
> >Book, Historic Structure Report of the Jacob Wolf House, if you are
> >interest
> >
> >In the Norfolk area, including the Wolf, Adams and related families and
> >Other history. They have a copy of the book at the Baxter CO. Library and
> >Information on how to order it if you would like a copy.
> >
> >As a descendant of the Wolf and Adams family and other Norfork families,
> >Anyone has new information on them or the area I would welcome the
> >Information to add to my records.
> >
> >Betty BB
> >
> >
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