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From: "Paula Graves" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Jones Brothers - Paula
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2007 18:06:50 -0500
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Hi Bernie,

Well at least you have Oklahoma and a dod! lol The dod and Oklahoma may help
me find him in the SSDI. Thanks.

No, I don't have anything on Laurie. I did just find out that Laurie was
about 3 years old when John married Eltie (thank you Betty McCollum and Sue
Chrisco!!) but that was all of the information. Still searching. Laurie
would have 16 years old but she isn't on the 1920 census with John and
Eltie. Maybe she married young?

Maybe there is a marriage record of her that I haven't found yet. Vera??

While we are on the Jones family - weren't we trying to decide whether Sally
Jones was a daughter of Gideon and Nancy or Gideon's father William? In Down
Memory Lane VI Mary Jones Harris states that her father John's brothers were
Gid, Bill and a sister Sally who married Henry Langston. She also states
that John's mother's maiden names was Pies. I wonder if perhaps she
misspelled it or if Piles isn't correct? I can see a hurried bureaucrat not
hearing very well. Something else to check out.


On 8/4/07, Bernie Moore-Knowles <> wrote:
> Paula? I sure can't help much - but, I do have that Troy Jones died
> somewhere in Oklahoma in January 1976. Not sure where I picked that date
> up
> at?
> Do you happen to know anything about the daughter named Laurie - born in
> 1904?
> Bernie Moore-Knowles
> Papa'aloa, Hawai'i
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> question my honesty." ........Will Rogers
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