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From: "Bernie Moore-Knowles" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Beale - Betty Mc
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 20:35:35 -1000
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Betty Mc?

You get the award, sweetie for asking the best question for the year! What
a fantastic idea - who were her Beale parents?

I notice in what I have that Susan (or Susannah?) Beale was born in
Tennessee. Your Ann Beale Guthrie is probably a sibling and I have that she
may have had a Nancy that was a sister. Just some notes that I have. The
interesting thing to me is that if she was a Beale - she didn't marry
Langston until she was 35 years old?

Not a rule of thumb here, but most women married before the age of 35 -
which brings to question whether she might have been the WIDOW Beale? Just
another thought, mind you.

Now, in looking through some of the Beale information that I have and it
sure isn't much - I find this:

Thomas J. Beale married to an Elsie Coonce on October 07, 1888.

Now, Elsie Coonce is connected to my aunt's Orvis family. The Orvis' had an
IL > Ripley Co., Missouri > Lawrence Co., AR migration route. A few
generations later than our Beales that we are looking at, but something to
look at none the less?

Closer to home is this marriage:

Dr. Richard Hughes Beale (1851- 1908) married Mary Dona Nicks in Izard
County. I have nothing further on Dr. Beale - but, the Nicks family were
from Hickman Co., Tennessee and appear to have migrated to Izard County
shortly after the Civil War.

And then this gentleman:

Marcellus "Ty" Beale married Eliza/Edna May Adams (1894-1960). Her Adams
family had Marion County roots and they all ended up in La Garto, Live Oak
Co., Texas.

You mentioned that Ann Beale Guthrie ended up in Texas? What county?

And this:

Dicey Jane Beale married William Riley Cotter and it appears that this
couple had their first child in 1853, in Fulton County.

So, not much to go on, but I wonder if anyone has considered that Susan
Beale may not have been a Beale by birth but the widow Beale?

Something that I just found in my notes and this is a real old post of T. J.
Harper's - remember her? She is referencing the children in the 1850 census
and just throwing out some ideas - but, it evidently had crossed her mind
that Susan was a widow when she married Langston:

From: TJH <>
Date: Wednesday, December 01, 1999
If you ever done any work with what Kathyrn Langston and I call THE DREADED
BILLINGSLY you'll quickly understand that it is a mess. I have never been
able to determine just who were the parents of the Hightower children in the
Nathan Langston Household of 1850. They are either: orphaned children of a
daughter as yet un-named. or orphaned children of Chrissy Langston (the
sister of Nathan and the other Langston's who I lost track of in 1804 in
Livingston Co. Ky or and this is a possiblity - The children of Susannah's
(Nathan's second wife ) from her first marriage..... The Layton attributed
to Susannah has never been verified. tjh........ I too would give the
person who answers this puzzle a place on the Genealogy Hall of Fame tjh

You got to love Kathryn Langston and T. J. Harper, don't you? Tremendous
and thorough researchers, I think. I still keep in touch with Kathryn and
know that she is trying her best to find a male for the Langston DNA project
that descends from those children that are thought to be Hightowers - to
confirm if they are - or if they are indeed Langston children. The jury is
still out for some Langston researchers, I know.

And lastly, I mentioned that I thought there was a Bible record somewhere on
the Langstons? Here is what I found in my notes and it is referencing
Absolom Langston (b1839 and son of Nathan, Sr.):

Birth record: Kathryn Langston writes on 06 July 2000:
Nathan's birth was 26 Oct 1790, source is handwritten paper found in son,
Absolom's bible / or trunk, in Absolom's handwritting. The death date was
January 16, 1870, the copy of the note says January, but when Brian typed it
in he put February in the newsletter.

So, I think we might need to look in Hickman Co., Tennessee for a start on
researching the Beales, Betty Mc. Or at least it is a start. That is a
Tennessee county that I have never worked in. But, I seriously wonder if
Susannah was a Beale by marriage - but, if she was? She was born in 1806 in
Tennessee and married Nathan circa 1841 and probably in Izard County.

Was there a Beale household recorded in the 1840 Izard County census at all?

Bernie Moore-Knowles
Papa'aloa, Hawai'i

"I have Indian blood in me. I have just enough White blood for you to
question my honesty." ........Will Rogers

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> Bernie:
> Just now gettinig around to read some of my older messages. Has no
> one ever tried to find parents of Susanah (Susan) Beal Langston?
> Betty Mc
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