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From: "Harold Blevins" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Eva (Davidson) Glory - Harold
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 09:41:13 -0500
References: <000801c7919c$8d177940$6401a8c0@dell3000><004a01c791a0$1602ddf0$42c0cf47@HAROLD101005><000501c791a3$349a1b40$6401a8c0@dell3000><003d01c791ae$98892410$2f01a8c0@homewmagncro5p><003401c791b6$b49a3970$6401a8c0@dell3000><005a01c792ad$273e2490$42c0cf47@HAROLD101005><09cc01c792e5$3c5f67c0$0c00a8c0@D388LL11>

>I find this just real interesting. How in the world did Eva Davidson meet a
>man from Tahlequah - in the Cherokee Nation while living in Izard County?

You know, I asked myself the very same question. Perhaps he was
a traveling man and met her in Arkansas. You meet spouses at the
strangest places.....I met mine at a Little League ball game!!!!

> appears that Chick Glory had a first marriage? No children? Divorce?

Don't know about this one either, perhaps one of the family would
remember. I grew up just about a mile from Eli's kids, but we went
to different high schools. Sue Chrisco lives near the old home place,
perhaps she knows some of the girls........HRB

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