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From: Gen Unrein <>
Subject: [ARIZARD] off subject
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 15:00:29 -0800 (PST)

I know it won't mean anything to you guys, especially since it has little to do with anybody but my Pierson family, but we think we've found the family of a son that belongs to our oldest known Pierson ancestor. Since they came from NC/SC to AL/GA/LA and that family stayed in AL, before my bunch came from LA to AR, I know it isn't too important to anyone.
But I had to SHOUT it to somebody, and you guys are the best 'listeners' there are.
Samuel was b. ca 1767 to Jeremiah 1735. So you can see how finding someone that far back could mean so much. We can't get passed our Jeremiah, so anything we can dig up this side is fantastic.
June, my prayers are still with your fella's, every day! You too for that matter!
My dau called from ENG and she passed her training to become a full fledged STAFF SGT.
They made her the leader of a group of 60, so she had to help them as much as she had to do her own work. She's been nominated for a leadership award, but won't know til Tuesday if she gets it or not. I like to tease her about all the trouble they take to train a Sgt., but I guess the old saying goes something about Sgt's running the Army, except she's Air Force.
My gkids are finally getting over that virus that's run amok in KS & OK, prob. elsewheres too. They've been running 101-105+ temperatures for a week. They've had to close whole schools here in KS because of it.
OK, long enough letter, I haven't had much to say about anybody that's been written about lately, but I check in at least every other day, just to see what hijinks this group has been up to.

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