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From: "jackson family" <>
Subject: [ARIZARD] weather OT
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 07:31:01 -0800
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Jean, you should have seen Portland...You know Portland very seldom gets
snow and they got anywhere from 2-4 inches plus depending on what area of
town or outlying area you were in. Tuesday they had such a gridlock and
many, many wrecks. Coming down one street in the West Hills they had a 17
car pile up...people seem to think they can hit their brakes on ice and snow
and they will stop..NOT!!!
We have about 8 inches here in Hockinson Wa. Yesterday it started falling
off the trees a little bit but we got some more snow during the night. Now
they are saying it is suppose to start warming up so now the flooding will
There are a lot of the schools that are still closed and
businesses(especially in Portland) are opening late and going home early.
Tuesday Portland mayor order all businesses that weren't emergency related
to shut their doors and send their employees home at three. I work (Tuesdays
only) for a newspaper about 20 minutes from my home and it took me an hour
to get to work. We got off about three thirty and it took me until almost
five thirty to get home....just had to go real slow. I live in the mountains
so we get a little more snow than in the valley around Vancouver and
People in Oklahoma are sure getting hit hard also. My in laws live in
Sallisaw Ok and so far they haven't been one of the places hit real hard.
Then my brother in law lives in Austin Tx and they said they had 2 inches of
ice...It is crazy weather everywhere.
Two of my kids still live in southern Oregon, my son up in the mountains out
of Shady Cove and my oldest daughter lives in Murphy. Of course the one up
Elk Creek had a LOT of snow...
Has anyone every wonder what winters were like for our ancestors? They
didn't have all the conviences that we have or snow plows sanding, deicers,
etc. I am totally amazed at the people that are saying "oh, we finally had
time to play board games or cards"...some doing it by lights from kerosene
lamps. Or the ones that say"I didn't know what to do with my time...I didn't
have any electricity"
I do feel bad for the elderly that depend on meals on wheels for their food
and someone to check on them. In Portland they are asking if you can help
and have a chained up four wheel drive please call and let us know if you
can help.
Well, looks like this has turned into a book which I didn't mean for it to
Hope everyone on here is warm, dry and not having too bad of weather.
Stay safe and keep warm
Hugs, Helen

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From: "Jean Cuevas" <>
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Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2007 1:31 AM
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Vera (off subject Ice Tea)

> Pat,
> You could tease me, too. I wouldn't mind!
> Boy this weather has hit the entire country, after last year's mild
> winter. I saw a scene on the news of an area near my hometown of
> Roseburg, Oregon, with a couple of large trucks sandwiching a car in,
> in an incident on the freeway, because of the weather. We didn't
> get much snow back in my younger years there. And, snow in the L.A. area!
> Yes, it would be a fine time just to sit down together with our
> entire list, and enjoy our tea, coffee, and whatever, and chat away! :)
> Have a good day, and stay warm!
> Jean
> At 09:29 PM 1/16/2007, you wrote:
>>Jean I grew up watching my grandparents and others, "saucer and blow"
>>coffee. Was very common it seemed.
>>Sweet Tea = when I made my first trip to Arkansas in '94 I heard our
>>and wife both order "sweet tea". I'd never heard that in my life. But not
>>being a tea drinker I didn't ask what it was. Later I found out. I will
>>admit when I tasted a wee bit of it, tasted very good. But I don't care
>>hot or ice tea.
>>Coffee - black and very strong. No matter how hot the weather or the
>>of day, as I write this, I have a cup sitting here now.
>>So many different customs aren't they - don't we wish we could sit down
>>together and share them all. Jean many of my friends drink their coffee
>>you do - when they come over I have to rub it in about "making formula"
>>of their coffee. I wouldn't tease you though.
>>Down to 15 here tonight, but its clear. Our kids on the Oregon coast are
>>getting it again, and of course so much of you folks are too.
>>Hang in there -
>>Back to my coffee.
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