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Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 08:34:41 -0600
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Hi Liz!

There used to be some behind the old Salem High School at the base of the
Knob. If you started to walk up the Knob following the path cut for the TV
cable systems line, they were on the east side of the path just where the
path started up the hill. But that was during the 1950's and I dare say that
they are all gone now.

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It might take quite a while to find a chinquapin tree in Fulton Co. I
didn't know what they were either until I married and moved to
Salem/Byron area. It seems that tree was very common in this area back
50 to 60 years ago but the last known one in these parts was at the
Byron Community Building property and it died about 15 years ago. It
produced a handful of burrs each year but no nuts that I could ever
find. Happy hunting and let us all know if you find a tree. Liz

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