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From: "Annita Fulton" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Seeking New List Owner
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 22:44:15 -0600
In-Reply-To: <007601c72450$d3c7f8b0$6501a8c0@BILL>

Amen! I too sent my message to Jean privately, but will keep it that way.
But I totally agree Bill!! It's a lot of hot air!


>From: "Bill Dunn" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Seeking New List Owner
>Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 10:06:34 -0600
>Dear list,
>After reading Jean's email , I posted my response to her privately. Now
>I have read so many hearfelt responses of other members, I realized that
>this was an occasion where my personal reponse should also be publicly
>posted. We should ALL see just how much Jean means to us, each in a
>different way. For that reason, I offer my letter below.
>I thought you might appreciate my opinion on this subject as one of your
>former "adversaries" (I say that with tongue planted FIRMLY in cheek.)
>Please take these observations in the warm and loving spirit they are
>If Mike feels wronged by his treatment, I truly believe he has a right to
>try and convince Rootsweb of his case. Rootsweb provides the servers and
>bandwidth for this site and thus should be the final arbiters of any
>unresolved complaints. That said, there is ample evidence on the archives
>convince Rootsweb that Mike not only posted inappropriately, but that you
>were more than fair in his treatment and readmittance to the list. I am
>convinced that they would side with you in this matter.
>I can only imagine that perhaps Mike is complaining about his rights to
>freedom of speech, but that argument is hollow. Within that framework, he
>has every right to start a competing list on some other server. There he
>offer all of his wonderful stories and data along with a heaping helping of
>his personal travails and withering, insulting responses to whomever might
>"cross" him. That is his freedom of speech.
>By threatening a lawsuit, Mike is merely continuing the same manipulative
>ways he has exhibited since his reemergence many months ago. I cringed
>whenever he was called out for his misbehavior and he would then intimate
>that he had nothing to live for without the joy of this list. It seems
>certain that Mike has had a difficult life (as we were constantly reminded
>with the admonition to "walk in his shoes") but while the list provides
>wonderful therapeutic and spiritual value to a great many people, Mike
>learned the minimum "manners" necessary to converse on these subjects in a
>community such as this. Even his compliments were frequently backhanded.
>Because of past occasions where my feelings have been hurt, my
>offended or my ire raised, I choose to mainly lurk. I privately converse
>with the listmembers to whom I am close and just try to post info when I
>might have it. I always know, though, that I can go to you privately when
>feel there is a post that goes over the line and that you will do your best
>to arbitrate. As listmembers, we can ask no more of you.
>On a personal note: I know that we come from two disparate perspectives but
>I absolutely know that we have each been positively affected by the other
>over these last few years. I must say with all sincerity that I love you. I
>love you for all the hardships you have overcome with grace and humility. I
>love you for your cheerfulness and levelheadedness when we all seem to need
>it most. Mainly, I love you because you are human with all the strengths
>frailties which God intended for you.
>If you really must leave the leadership of this list due to this latest
>stress, I will understand and support you. In my heart though , I feel you
>have much more to offer us. I know that I could never carry out your
>responsibilities with the same aplomb.
>With much love and a heavy heart,
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