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From: "jackson family" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Seeking New List Owner
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 19:32:48 -0800
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There may be a freedom of speech but doesn't rootsweb also give the list
owner the right to a closed list if they so choose which means Jean can
choose who she wants on her list..
It would be a nice Christmas gift to hear that Jean is NOT giving up this
list because of some idiot...
I think the majority has spoken and we all want Jean to how about
it, will you stay????
I have a guy on one of the Cherokee lists I am on who is always threatening
to sue me cause I exposed him as a fraud but I just shine him on....big
talk, no action...figures he can bully people into his way of thinking...
So just ignore this person who is threatening you and worry about it when
you have been served with legal papers(which won't ever happen)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all
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From: "candyandrick" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 7:12 AM
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Seeking New List Owner

> Oh Jean, Jean, Jean. Such silly talk! This list is YOUR list and without
> you it would surely dry up and expire. And like some of the other
> comments
> made, I suspect I know who has threatened you with a lawsuit. This is a
> common thing for people with no common sense to say when they don't get
> their way or have been shamed by their errant behavior.
> I am by know means a lawyer nor do I play one on TV (come on, you can
> smile
> at that!). But having spent 20 years in law enforcement I do know a thing
> or two. Mercy me I don't know how many times I was threatened with one
> because I took Little Johnny to jail. Funny thing, I never did have one
> filed against me.
> Everyone who types messages about others on a public forum can be
> scrutinized for slander and I imagine that is what has been threatened. I
> do not recall you ever saying anything slanderous on this forum,
> especially
> with the intent of doing so and intent is a big factor in these types of
> cases. Plus I seriously doubt any attorney worth his salt, even a hungry
> one, would assist in filing such a frivolous case as this. As an example,
> I
> had thoughts of suing a fella who lives in California who slandered me
> severely over a transaction we made on eBay. He bought something from me,
> never paid and when I e-mailed him letting him know I was going to cancel
> the bid/sale and post negative feedback about that transaction he
> proceeded
> to respond with verbal tirades, cussings and actual threats. I saved all
> of
> it and talked to a friend who was an attorney and while he agreed the man
> was wrong and there was a case, no one would file it as it was too minor
> and
> involved someone who lived far away. I was advised to just forget about
> it
> and go on...which I believed was good advise.
> Also, if I remember correctly, wasn't he doing a little slandering of
> another person himself? Hmmm....maybe that person should get their
> attorney
> and threaten to file a lawsuit on him! I doubt he thought that could
> happen
> back at him.
> I believe you have the "right to refuse service" to anyone since this is
> your page. True, it is a public page but if I remember correctly you can
> say who can join or not join and can delete things and folks that are
> deemed
> to be doing or writing things that are inappropriate. While the 1st
> Amendment does give people the right to free speech...there are some
> stipulations to how far that right may extend.
> Forget this guy...ignore his threats...block his a-mails to you if he can.
> And keep on doing what you've been doing. Good Lord girl! If you hadn't
> been in charge of this forum there would have been anarchy and revolution
> by
> now and the site would have been shut down by Rootsweb a long time ago!
> Stay...'nuff said. Besides, I need you to keep me in line!
> Rick Lawrence - Tulsa
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> From: "Jean Cuevas" <>
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> Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 4:16 AM
> Subject: [ARIZARD] Seeking New List Owner
>> Good Morning Izard Family.
>> I am wondering whether I have anyone on the list for a long time who
>> would like to take over its management? I know that there area any
>> number of you who would do a good job . Because I truly care about
>> the health of the list, I will try to make a really good selection
>> from those who respond.
>> I have never been a power hungry person, and have always acted in a
>> way that I felt was best for the list as a whole. However, it
>> appears that my basic desire for the list's good has been taken to
>> mean that I am a power hungry person, and I have been threatened with
>> a lawsuit. The list is a genealogy list, and doesn't need to be
>> effected by anything that may happen in the future.
>> If you believe that you would honestly be willing to take the list
>> and care for it and the members who are on it, without changing the
>> family atmosphere that it has always had, please contact me privately.
>> Thank you!
>> Jean
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