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From: Terry Patterson <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Seeking New List Owner
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 11:48:31 -0600
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Yes, this person needs help. I could tell that from the very beginning.


>In a message dated 12/20/06 7:33:08 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
>>Forget this guy...ignore his threats...block his a-mails to you if he can.
>>And keep on doing what you've been doing. Good Lord girl! If you hadn't
>>been in charge of this forum there would have been anarchy and revolution by
>>now and the site would have been shut down by Rootsweb a long time ago
>Jean, I agree with Rick. I was so disappointed when I saw the subject line
>and I felt I knew was giving you a problem. I never said much, but I was
>wondering how long this person could go on saying all the things that he did. I
>really wondered about him and he needs help. I was glad to see him off the
>list. He has a lot to offer but somehow he doesn't know how to use his talent.
>Like Rick sayes...people threaten to sue and I don't believe he has a case,
>but I am not a lawyer. Hang in there and see if this blows over because you are
>our family and we would be so lost without you. Please consider all of our
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