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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] The Batesville - Mammoth Spring Highway / Mike
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 20:20:15 EDT


That is really interesting that the road was behind Remmell Taylor's house
and Jerrell Yancey's house. That is the exact spot where there are two or
three graves are located that can be seen from the road when no leaves are on
the trees. I have never been up to the graves, but I have always been told
that Amos Neal of Brockwell had a sister buried there and probably the other one
or two are other family members. He would put flowers on their graves every
year. He lived at Twin Bridges at Brockwell where I think part of the old
Oxford Newburg Road went by just west of Owens Cemetery. He and his wife
Ethel Owens Neal are buried at Oxford Cemetery. I cannot remember the date of
his death - just that he was born in 1894. Ethel Neal was buried in a paid
plot that was owned by another family, and her grave had to be dug up and moved
to another part of the cemetery while Amos was still living. I remember
watching this being done while I was in Shop Class at Oxford in the 1980s.
Terrible situation. Anyway, there is a road that also goes behind Jerrell
Yancey's to an old house now owned by Shelby Sherrell. My mother lived there as a
child and went to the school as a 5 year old through the woods to the Pleasant
Ridge or Slow Go School. I remember riding my horse, Roy, through there a
lot and there were old trails that took my back by the Gilstrap place. There
are so many old trails back there between there and Wideman Road, it is
pathetic. I came right upon the old place Mom and Dad lived on Wideman Road that
burned a month before I was born in 1967. The Rufus Gifford place is behind
the old Melvin Hall place and Leonard and Ethel Wyatt place west of the
highway. I have seen the old house helping hunt for cattle. It is just amazing,
though, it is worse than a big city trying to find your way through all of
those trails.


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