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Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 22:51:20 EDT


Did I read your post correctly? You said you were in your early sixties.
First, I didn't dream that you were that age. I thought you were more my
sister's age, and she is 50. You mentioned going back to Law School in your
sixties. I think that is a great idea!!! Seriously - Serious as can be!!! I
went into teaching and school counseling beginning at age 21 - two Bachelor's
Degrees - one in history even - a good pre-law major. I can hopefully retire
from the education field at age 48 after 27 years with full benefits. I will
draw my regular retirement, plus my 403 (b) retirement when I am 55 and then
social security at 62. 403 (b) is the same as a 401k for educators.
Anyway, I hope to be well set by then. You have to look out for yoursef because I
don't consider that selfish - that way nobody else will have to take care of
me in my declining years. Anyway, I got two Bachelors degrees and a Masters
degree and halfway toward a doctorate in Psychology. I found there is a
program in Lincoln, Nebraska, a few hours from here in Kansas City and close to
my cousin Annita Fulton. They offer a combination p.hd. in psychology and a
Juris Doctorate in Law at the same time - many of the courses overlap. Since
I already nearly have my doctorate in psychology and have taught psychology
at the college level for 10 years as an adjunct instructor and am now a
Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri and Kansas where I can set up my own
counseling/therapy practice outside of the school setting in an office which I
have already started. Believe me, it has been a long road. I am really
hoping and praying that I can finish up my career as an educator as a
psychological examiner for the district. I am fully certified and they need them
badly. I can't believe this is my 19th year in education, and I am not yet 40.

In the back of my mind, I have always wanted to be an attorney and since I
read about this program in Lincoln, Nebraska, it could open all kinds of doors
for me in the second phase of my life. I could start off my second career
after retirement with an already established practice in therapy and then spend
about 3 year or so since I am so close to a doctorate already anyway in
psychology so basically I would just be taking regular law classes plus gain my
psychology doctorate at the same time - a double whammy. I am real excited
about it. What do you think about it. Bernie, I still cannot believe you are
in your sixties, but think of it this way as I heard or read it once, say
you are 63 now, law school full time takes 3 years. In 3 years you will be 66.
If you go to law school you will be 66 in 3 years, and if you don't go to
law school you will be 66 in 3 years. Just think about it that way. At least
you will have spent those 3 years accomplishing your lifelong dream, and who
knows maybe you and I coud go into practice together. I don;t know whether
I will stay in KC and practice or go to Branson and practice or move back
home to Arkansas and practice, but I will practice somewhere and maybe two
places with a branch office at one. Bernie, I will be in my 59s by the time I
retire and get my credentials as a p.hd. psychologist and attorney. I figure
that will give me a good 30 or more years to practice my final profession and
combine it with several other interests that I can include hobbies as jobs.
Anyway, I would never have made it this far without my dreams, and I am going
to dream big time to accomplish the last phase of my life. My only probblem
is hoping I live long enough to do everything I wanna do, and that is a good
feeling instead of moping around which I have done in the past and all it
does is make me feel worse. I have to get up and get myself moving. The world
is going to keep spinning without me, too, or with me. but Bernie, I have
always had this yearning to be an attorney, and I think with my experience in a
first career will help me with a lot more insight. I also would like to end
my life as a Judge - not to be a bigwhig, but to show what I have l;earned by
that age from my life experiences and show the world there can be a fair
judge who does listen to both sides and doesn't take everything for granted.

Go for it, Bernie, I may have not caught the conversation right like I think
I did. If not I just embarrqassed myself and nobody else so no biggie.But
like you, I have been about it all a teacher, basketball coach, etc. Nobody
would have ever dreamed of me being a coach but my team was undefeated and I
have the plaque to prove it. I;ve also been a counselor and psy examiner in
the past and want to finish again for my time ends in so many years, and they
are winding fast. Whatever, you do, good luck, Bernie.


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