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From: "Annita Fulton" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Taylor ? Connection/Mike, others
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 16:11:13 -0500
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I remember about the boy drowning. Colleen wrote me a letter and I believe
it was the first and only one I ever received from her. I know their family
really suffered over that tragedy, but did not know about the other boy in
the wreck. I too remember Roger from my younger days in Oxford when my
cousins and I would go to Oxford Cafe for a coke. My Uncle Remmels boys
hung out with Roger and he was usually around too. I haven't seen him in
years, but haven't seen my cousins since Grandma Taylor's funeral in 2000.
Is Colleen still living?

>Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Taylor ? Connection/Mike, others
>Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 16:59:29 EDT
>Yes, Colleen was married to R.W. Dockins, and he is dead, I think. I know
>their son, Roger Dockins real well. We are pretty good friends and old
>partiers. I liked both of Roger's wives, Katherine Sherrell Dockins Hall
>and the
>one he is married to now. His oldest son, Shane Dockins, 1968 - 1982 was
>of my friends at school. He was in the 8th grade, and they were living at
>Dorado, AR, when he and his brother, Shannon Dockins, 2 years younger,
>at an icy pond. They had a 10 year old friend with them. The friend lost
>his cap in the pond. He went to retrieve it, and the ice broke and he fell
>through. Shannon tried to save him but didn't drown. Shane did save him,
>went under the ice and couldn't get back up. He was in the icy water for
>minutes. His mother, Katherine, tried to jump in and save him, but
>hypothermia and was hospitalized. It was such a tragedy. He was only 13
>old. He was a hunter and fisherman and never mistreated anyone. His
>funeral was the Oxford Gymnasium. I remember going to the funeral with my
>Alan Estes. Then, just to think only 4 years later, Katherine;s other
>Shannon Dockins, at age 16 was in a near fatal car wreck on the Larkin
>He never completely recovered. He is still the same old Shannon, though.
>He has never married and is 36 years old now I guess. It is hard to
>my old classmates are catching up with me even. Katherine has had her
>of heartbreak. She is married again to her 3rd husband, but I cannot
>think of
>his name. Roger and his wife, Pam, I do remember her name now, a touch of
>dementia, did have some more children. I have always thought Roger was
>Mike Walker
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