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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] ARIZARD Digest, Vol 1, Issue 96
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 23:51:48 EDT

Thanks, Vera, for printing my grandfather, Fred Walker's obituary. I had it
at one time but lost it. I am glad to have it again. Thanks to you I have
a piece of history I had thought I had forever lost. How far do your
newspaper clippings run? I would love to my a copy of my my mother's wreck in
January 1959 that happened at Salem. Her first husband was killed in it. I
remember reading it in a 40 years ago section several years back but lost it, too.
It told about all of her injuries and the man who hit her and her husband
with a semi-trailer - his name and it being associated with a well known
lawyer in the area the reason Mom didn't get any money from the accident. It told
of her crushed leg, foot, skull, etc. and the instant death of her husband.
She was in the hospital 3 months and was unable to even see about what
happened to her things. At the time, she and Arvis Blevins owned the Oxford Cafe.
The accident happened at the intersection at Salem on 9 and 62. If you
could possilbly dig up that article when you have time, I would love to have it.
Again, thank you for printing my grandfather's obit. just at perfect
timing. You are a very helpful person.

Mike Walker

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