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From: Pat Miller <>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 21:13:14 -0500
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I doubt that Rootsweb would say anything unless someone complained too
them. It's just a sticky issue and nobody wants to get anyone mad at
them. I think, if they want to publish then they should get permission
from the one who submitted the message they're interested in. I know
there is great information on this site and I think it should be
published, but I'm not the person submitting the great stuff.
Pat Miller.
Jean Cuevas wrote:
> Hi Pat,
> That's why I brought the question to the list. That way, if anyone
> objected, then I could be sure that their post did not get included.
> So, are you saying that Rootsweb does not have the right to make a
> claim, if each person gives their permission?
> Thanks.
> Jean
> At 10:10 AM 8/28/2006, you wrote:
>> Jean,
>> Ah, yes, Rootsweb can claim a copyright because it is on it's site. The
>> same as if someone posting a story can claim that it is a published
>> story and therefore copyrighted. I would suggest that she ask permission
>> of each person whose post she wants to publish. Hey, she can have mine,
>> event if it isn't important. ;-) That way it is that person giving
>> permission. Copyrights on the Internet becomes a sticky issue.
>> Pat miller
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