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From: "Betty McCollum" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Betty McCollom and to Unidentified Person
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 02:38:51 -0700
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You are certainly "True Blue"; I can attest to that!.
Betty Mc
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Sent: Saturday, July 29, 2006 11:19 AM
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Betty McCollom and to Unidentified Person

> Gosh Mike hope i am still on your "gooder list" Ha!! I enjoy your e-mails
> and Bett knows me well enough to know i mean what i say. Huh! Bett.
> keep up the good works. Junebug
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> Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Betty McCollom and to Unidentified Person
> > Betty,
> >
> > Thank you so much for those very kind words of yours. You have no idea
> what
> > an uplifter that was for me. Words alone can brighten a person's day
> > much when you feel like giving up. I am not a quitter, but I just get
> > frustrated sometimes and have to vent it some way. I know I should not
> have chosen
> > this forum to do it on because you are a wonderful group of people. If
> it
> > weren't for you, I don't have anyone else in genealogy that I truly
> about
> > sharing my information with and talking to about it like I used to. I
> used to
> > have a number of people that I loved to share anything I would find the
> > moment I would find it, but I don't have that anymore. There was one
> thing that
> > occurred, and I will not mention it, but it deeply hurt me and my trust
> in
> > people so I am becoming old scrooge in my old age. Hurtful words and
> words that
> > you have written confidentially that were meant to be forwarded to
> someone
> > else hurt me more than words can stand. I thought the world of this
> person,
> > respected this person, and I still do. But I just don't know where I
> stand
> > with this person after that because the truth of what was really going
> with
> > that letter that I had writtten in confidence being sent out to God
> who
> > has had be baffled to this day. I would have never and have never done
> this
> > to that person. Again, I think the world of this person and have
> my
> > most intimate confidential information, and now I am scared to death
> about
> > what I have shared. I would still do anything in the world for this
> person in
> > a heartbeat because we have shared genealogical information for over 7
> years,
> > and there are times in a person's life when they have their worst 7
> years,
> > and these have happened to be probably the worst years that I know I
> > overcome. I just wish I could be told the truth about what was really
> meant by
> > that letter being forwarded to the unknown person - I have a very good
> idea
> > and the comments made about me at the top of the letter; I believe in
> honesty,
> > and I come forward when I have made a boo-boo and 'fess up and feel
> I
> > am respected much more because believe me I do not admit to being
> perfect, but
> > I did not know my life was being beamed in on like a big flashlight
> either
> > because of my confidential letters. If it happened once, there are no
> telling
> > how many other times it happened. I love this person as a friend,
> cousin,
> > and supposed confidante, and I still do. I still write and share with
> this
> > person because this person is sort of like an aunt or something to me
> when I
> > don't have anybody in my own family who cares about genealogy. This
> person has
> > no idea what high esteem I hold the person to, and I do want to
> my
> > long distance relationship through email, but I just wish I really knew
> the
> > whole truth behind the letter, and it was not a computer mix-up. I am
> smarter
> > than that. It was meant to be sent to another person with all of my
> words.
> > This is the only forum I can say this on without anyone ever knowing
> > having a clue as to who I am referring to. I just really want this
> person to
> > please tell me after 7 and one half years of a very good friendship, at
> least I
> > wholly and truly thought and was sincere on my part, what the letter
> > referrring to and and who it was to, and what the heck was going on. I
> have
> > never even shared the information about this letter with a member of my
> family
> > incuding my mother, brothers, sister, or anyone on this list. Not one
> person
> > besides myself knows about it, and being a trained counselor I know how
> to
> > maintain confidentiality. I just plead with the person to give me the
> courtesy
> > of explaining what happened, and I will leave it at that. I know the
> letter
> > was authentic and was no mistake - the only mistake was that it went to
> me
> > instead of the person it was intended for. If I have been a pest with
> all of
> > my efforts and honesty and work and if I have shared too much that I
> > become a nuisance even though you said it was a privilege because you
> felt like
> > you were taking a part of Dad's place by listening to my troubles and
> > problems which have been many - boom, boom boom since the year 2000.
> Most people
> > would be in a psych ward if they were in my shoes. Yet, I have
> maintained my
> > life, kept going, and not even let hurtful remarks get to me. I go to
> church
> > every Sunday not for the looks and I have for the past two years
> I
> > had gone as far as I could go. I was already a Christian, but I went
> forward
> > and repented and now attend every Sunday for the sake of faith and not
> for the
> > sake of being a church goer. I go to worship and take communion and
> in
> > what very little amount I can afford to do, I know I will be rewarded
> within
> > the next 2 years overwhelmingly. I will remember at that time who has
> > treated me right and who hasn't - and I am not referring to the person
> this letter
> > about. I just want this person to please let me know the honest truth
> > behind the letter. I know I have continued to write and share with you
> because I
> > think that much of you whether you are still forwarding my letters or
> > I don't care. I have always considered you my mentor in genealogy
> especially
> > since Helen Lindley passed away, and if you desert me then that will be
> like
> > the end of any care or consideration for my genealogy and the county as
> much
> > as I love it because as I said, I always had you to share it with
> > Again, not one single person has ever had the faintest idea of the
> situation.
> > I have told nobody on the phone or internet or any other way. Nobody
> knows.
> > I just wish you would please be honest with me about it because if I
> > didn't think that much of you I would not continue writing you. If I
> have done
> > something wrong, I am sorry. I don't know what else to do. The ball
> is
> > your court.
> >
> > Mike Walker
> >
> >
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