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From: "Annita Fulton" <>
Subject: RE: [ARIZARD-L] Military Personnel Records
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 13:10:13 -0600
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Vera, I don't mean to jump in the middle of this, but my family did not have
a list of the medals my Dad had received in WWII, but the local VFW (50
miles west of Tulsa - in Cushing), had the records and read them at the
military service at the cemetery. We too thought they had been lost in that
St. Louis fire, but they found them. Maybe check with the VFW in Tulsa?


>From: "Vera Reeves" <>
>Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Military Personnel Records
>Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 19:59:47 -0600
>Rick, All I can tell you is a letter came with the site listed.
>The letter was sent to my uncle with copies of his brother's WW II records.
>I don't know how long he had to wait for them. He sent me copies for
>>Yeah...and good luck! This really only works on later military records
>>such as late 1950's forward. You still will need to send in anything
>>you've got to try and get info on some WW I and almost all WWII & Korean
>>War records. Let me take a moment (okay, several moments) to refresh info
>>I've posted before.
>>There was a fire in 1973 at the National Personnel Records Center in St.
>>Louis. This fire destroyed almost every Army, Army Air Corps and Air
>>Force record they had on file. For the most part, the Navy & Marine
>>records were not damaged. Because of this fire, veterans &/or their
>>families cannot get very much info from the NPRC. When you make a request
>>and do NOT send in any of your own documentation such as a discharge
>>certificate (nowadays called a DD-214), they usually will send you a note
>>back and tell you that they need more info than what you put on your
>>request document. That means they want you to send the discharge
>>paperwork I just mentioned. The reason is they have no info on your vet
>>due to the fire. Sometimes they are able to piece together proof of
>>service thru the VA but that is only good to verify military service only.
>>It will NOT help you with genealogy info nor will it assist you in getting
>>the owed decorations.
>>Many times, especially on more modern records requests such as maybe from
>>a Vietnam War veteran, they will send you maybe a dozen sheets from your
>>file. For some reason they think this will suffice. Usually you have to
>>write back immediately and tell them AGAIN that you want copies of ALL
>>military personnel, medical & disciplinary files that they have. Almost
>>every I've done this they've sent back double the files than what they did
>>the 1st time. But on the WW II & Korean War files, you usually get all
>>they have the 1st time because if the file did survive the file, there
>>just isn't much. Why do they do that? They tell me it's to save paper
>>& mailing costs...which they do since most folks don't know any better.
>>I've only had one WW II Army file that came back with a lot of info and
>>that was mainly medical and disciplinary files...and that is rare (the
>>personnel file was burnt up). I've also rec'd some copies of files that
>>were burned on the edges or half a page was missing due to the fire.
>>To ensure you do get all that you're suppose to get, you have to get a guy
>>like me who does this all the time to research the vet's military service
>>and to argue with NPRC or sometimes even the Army themselves to get the
>>records &/or decorations that is owed to the veteran. I've got one case
>>I've been fighting with the Army about now for almost 2 years and we have
>>a hearing set on it...they won't give this man his POW medal even though
>>I've submitted proof of his capture and subsequent release.
>>Case in point. A niece of a WWII Army vet contacted me to get her uncle's
>>medals. He was a true hero who lost his life in Belgium. He was awarded
>>the Distinguished Service Cross (one step below the Medal of Honor), two
>>Silver Stars, two Purple Heart's and the French Croix de Guerre. She had
>>no records to prove his service and NPRC said she would have to provide
>>documentation to them (actually her dad would as a niece cannot get a
>>vet's awards, only immediate family) to prove he was in WWII and earned
>>these medals. She of course had nothing but his photo. His last name was
>>Smith which made this case even harder.
>>After several letters to NPRC, I was able to prove to them through
>>documents I located he rated the medals above (heroic men such as this do
>>leave a paper trail somewhere) and they eventually issued his medals to
>>the girls father. But they did not issue him his WWII Victory Medal. So
>>I had to tell them again, that he died in WWII and by regulation rates the
>>medal. There were a few other odds & ends I had to get straightened out
>>with them as well before this case was closed and it took about a year to
>>complete. His case was really pretty easy. But for a plain GI Joe who
>>served, it's sometimes a lot tougher to prove who he served with and what
>>decorations he rates.
>>Even if you do send to NPRC a copy of the discharge, it does not always
>>have every decoration listed on it the vet was entitled to! And many
>>times it may show the decoration but some gov't pencil-pusher reviewing
>>the document didn't see it and so the vet or vet's family doesn't get it
>>and has no clue they are missing anything. Over 90% of the requests I
>>send in have to be resubmitted because the NPRC folks didn't read the
>>paperwork correctly or they did not award a decoration that the veteran
>>deserved. It staggers me to think of all the requests they get (& they do
>>get 1000's a year) that are incorrectly responded to and the family or the
>>vet ends up being deprived of what is rightfully theirs.
>>So if you want to send in a request on line go ahead. The only thing you
>>might save is a postage stamp.
>>Rick Lawrence - Tulsa
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>>>A site some may want to check out. *****************
>>>Welcome to our online military personnel records request system.
>>>Use our system to create a customized order form to request information
>>>from your, or your relative's, military personnel records. You may use
>>>this system if you are:
>>>A military veteran, or Next of kin of a deceased, former member of the
>>>The next of kin can be any of the following: surviving spouse that has
>>>not remarried, father, mother, son, daughter, sister, or brother.
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