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From: "Vera Reeves" <>
Subject: Davidson
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 08:54:26 -0600
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Melbourne news paper - May 23, 1918 - Obituary

How sad it was on the 14th day of March when we heard that Minnie was dead.
I felt like I could not give up my friend, but God said to her sprit come
and it had to go. She was willing, ready and waiting for the summons.

Minnie M. Davidson was about 38 old. She leaves a husband and seven
children, a grandmother and a host of friends to mourn her loss. So often I
have heard the remark: "Minnie Davidson was a good woman" and I believe if
there ever was a good woman she was.

A flower fair has gone form earth.

Transplanted in his love to blossom on the greater worth,

Before the throne above.

More beauty now than e'er before,

Our pretty blossom shows,

For cloudless skies are smiling o'er,

And Love light brightly glows.

God loves the flowers that we prize,

And wants them for his own,

And some he calls to paradise,

To beautify his throne.

Oh, let us try to meet her there,

That we some happy day,

May see again the flower fair,

That he has born away.

We miss the dear one but we know,

That we again shall meet,

Where fadeless flowers ever grow,

And life is bright and sweet.

Minnie was a Baptist. She was a Member of Concord Church and was a true
devoted Christian. --- A Friend

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