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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Genealogy - births/Cantrell/Dillard/Talley/Linn-Lynn
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 14:31:10 +0000

Isn't it remarkable how something can jar your memory. It is just a clear as a bell. I remember seeing Dillards everywhere in the cemetery and she said, "yep, there are a lot of us up here", and at the time I was too young to understand that my great grandfather had married 4 times. She then pointed to a grave, can't remember if it was marked or not, and I'll will bet if I was there, I could show you where it was. It was in the middle of all of the Dillards and she said, this was a scandal, he was murdered for fooling around with another man's wife", so I presume it was true.

I have an uncanny memory for things like that. I went to West Helena for Easter and wanted to find my great grandfather Reidenbaugh's grave. I was there only one time 40 years ago. I pulled in the cemetery and it is a decent sized one, parked the car and walked directly to it. I might have to come to Calico Rock and show you were poor Elija is buried. I do think I could find it.

When I get home from work I will look through the albums again. There are people in there that I don't know and for all I know, Nancy Jane might be there.

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> Gary William, Hello!
> Ah ha! You had the story too! Now, let's see if we can figure out where the
> grave was!!!
> Since you posted all those pictures with the McNeills, Cantrells and all your
> Dillard connections------I'll bet that we will find Nancy Jane Dillard
> somewhere in that bunch!
> I know that my grandmother's sisters all remembered the stories from their
> Mother, Mary Francis Cantrell about her Mother being so distaught that she just
> essentially fainted when she saw where her son was killed. I never knew
> whether the body was still there when she arrived but it must have been
> horrible.
> Gary, I do believe that our relatives----at least, the women that would talk
> about it----felt like that Elijah was definitely guilty enough of his
> unfaithfulness. I know that I never heard a cruel word in relation to the wife,
> Nancy
> Jane Dillard. I really always felt like the underlying attitude was
> that-------finally, he had gotten what was coming to him or maybe ?what he
> deserved?
> Hey, what is so incredible to me-----is that the women in our families used the
> very same words to describe the event----he was murdered for fooling around
> with another man's wife.
> Ok, guys! Where's Aunt Sweetie's descendants----you out there cousins? Did
> you all have these stories too? Donna, did this come down in the Thrashers
> as well???
> Gary, if I am remembering correctly the Nancy Jane Dillard is somehow close
> to Earl Dillard's family--------Remember that Earl was married to Lela
> Cantrell, dau of William Cantrell (brother of Elijah Miller Cantrell). Wish I
> had kept
> a copy of that family sheet I found once upon a time (hope, it hasn't been
> taken off World Connect!) Be back in a minute.
> Beth
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> writes:
> Beth,
> Boy did you jar a memory from the cobwebs of my mind. I can remember
> standing at one of the cemeteries and my grandmother pointed and said he was
> murdered
> for fooling around with another man's wife. That was 40 years ago. My
> grandmother was Lilah Dillard and her mother was a Cantrell. I am not sure
> where
> the Nancy Jane Dillard fits in.
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