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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Genealogy - births/Cantrell/Dillard/Talley/Linn-Lynn
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 09:27:52 EDT

I think that is general thinking---not that anything has ever been proven.
I don't think that I ever got back to the state newspapers to see how or if
it made it to the regional newspapers. But surely there was something that hit
the regional papers.

I think that you do have the right Elijah, there does appear to be some
references to him as Miller Cantrell. Where that name came from, I don't have a
clue but sometimes he is also listed as Lige Cantrell.

I do suspect you are right about his burial, it is probably an unmarked grave
at Spring Creek. Not just his family of Cantrell is there but the wife's
relatives as well.

I don't believe that I ever knew the name of the woman that he was supposedly
involved with but I have been contacted by some of the descendants of the
Linn/Lynn family that moved to OK. They do truly believe that this was the reason
the family left AR and had the spelling change in the name. We may be forever
"proven' anything though, as Desmond says "those courthouses had too many

In a message dated 6/22/2005 7:36:17 AM Central Standard Time,

I don't have much on the gentleman that was murdered and what a story that
must be, right? But, I have that his name was Miller "Elijah" Cantrell.
Born in Alabama on January 26, 1859 and died on December 01, 1883.

Like yourself, I caught that first name for his daughter,
Belle..............Elijah Belle?

If I had to guess where this Elijah Cantrell is buried............I would
bet on Spring Creek. I have that his parents were buried there,
also............George Solomon Cantrell and Catherine Jane Taylor. I
remember way back when the List was discussing the William Cantrells - in an
attempt to find out which one was connected to the George S. family. Seems
that there was another William Cantrell that was born about the same time
period as the one that was a brother to Miller Elijah Cantrell?

Linns did him in, you say?


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