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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] May / Wayland
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 14:27:33 -0600
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And a very nice site,
Thanks for sharing

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Subject: [ARIZARD-L] May / Wayland

> Hi Elden,
> There is lots of research about the Wayland family and we have noted the
> following websites in our file.
> There is also lots of information about the Wayland and related families
> if you would care to brouse the archives of the ARIZARD-L list.
> In addition there are two very good articles from the Izard Co. Historian:
> 1. Vol 12 Jan 1981 #1 "History of the Family of Frank Wayland" by Otho E.
> Wayland, Sr.
> 2. Vol 13 Jan 1982 #1 "The Wayland Family" by Paul Townsend Wayland.
> We're sure that both stories about the Wayland family would be interesting
> to you. If you do not have access to these Izard Co. Historians, let us
> know and we can try and make copies for you.
> I have a old note from my Aunt Velma saying that her mothers name was
> Alice Idella May. Also Bernice's middle name was May, and she was called
> May by my Aunt. Also if I remember correctly, Alba Henrietta was called
> "Sweet". Before my Aunt Velma died, we collected Wayland information and
> took it to her, and that is the reason for our collection.
> Jeff and Luther are NOT brothers. According to the two articles in the
> Historian, Jeff's parents were Thomas J. and Samantha (Sanders) Wayland.
> Thomas J.'s parents were Henry and Mary E. (Matthews) Wayland (Henry's 5th
> child, by 2nd wife)
> Luther's parents were James Frank and Flora Ella (Hudgens) Wayland
> James Frank's parents were George Washington and Francis Jane (Matthews)
> Wayland
> George Washington was 2nd son of Henry and (1st wife) Hester (English)
> Wayland
> We hope we have the relationships straight. If not, we're sure someone
> will correct us.
> According to the 2nd Historian article, Luther R. Wayland was the 12th
> child of James Frank and Flora Ella (Hudgens) Wayland, and quoting from
> the article:
> "Luther married Maud May, his first wife, and they had no children. Later
> he married Jerry Holt and they had one son. Luke, as Luther was known to
> most everyone, moved to Tulas, Oklahoma in 1923 and still lives there. "
> We would be interested in your Skidmore's. After my grandfather Ware died,
> my grandmother Nora (Shelton) Ware married William Henry Skidmore, son of
> Henry and Annie Ledford Skidmore. They lived in Fulton Co. and are buried
> in the Elizabeth Cemetery. Other than Will's own children by his first
> wife, Callie Campbell, we have not done much research about the Skidmore
> family. It would be nice to have a better record of his family, since I
> never knew my grandpa Ware, but considered grandpa Skidmore as "my
> grandpa".
> Wanda (Ware) and Jim Hobbs
> =========================
> wrote:
>>Good to here from you Jim and Wanda,
>>Yes - I believe you are correct that Alice I. is actually Della Alice -
>>I've also seen her as Dellar. I'm not sure if Della or Dellar was a
>>nickname that stuck or was actually her given name. I was not aware of a
>>child by the name of Bernice - but I have another girl named "May Wayland"
>>in my records. I wonder if these 2 are the same also? (Maybe Bernice May
>>My grandmother Annie May spoke of the Waylands many times. There is
>>actually another WAYLAND / MAY connection within this same family.
>>sister Anna Maude May married Luther R. Wayland and they had one child,
>>I'm not sure if the child survived long. Luther apparently died early too
>>and Anna Maude later married Garland Moody and had several children.
>>I'd love to know more of the Waylands as past the generation we're
>>discussing I know very little. Were Jeff and Luther brothers (I've
>>they might be but was not sure)? Thanks for the info so far - you've
>>already filled in some gaps.
>>If you happen to know any more info about the MAY family I'd be very
>>curious also. We really don't know much about the MAY's past Della's
>>father - but I do have quite a bit of info on her mother's side about the
>>Skidmores and several previous generations that I'd be glad to share if
>>are interested..
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