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From: J/W Hobbs <>
Subject: May / Wayland
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 22:04:37 -0600
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Hi Elden,

There is lots of research about the Wayland family and we have noted the
following websites in our file.

There is also lots of information about the Wayland and related families
if you would care to brouse the archives of the ARIZARD-L list.

In addition there are two very good articles from the Izard Co. Historian:
1. Vol 12 Jan 1981 #1 "History of the Family of Frank Wayland" by Otho
E. Wayland, Sr.
2. Vol 13 Jan 1982 #1 "The Wayland Family" by Paul Townsend Wayland.

We're sure that both stories about the Wayland family would be
interesting to you. If you do not have access to these Izard Co.
Historians, let us know and we can try and make copies for you.

I have a old note from my Aunt Velma saying that her mothers name was
Alice Idella May. Also Bernice's middle name was May, and she was
called May by my Aunt. Also if I remember correctly, Alba Henrietta was
called "Sweet". Before my Aunt Velma died, we collected Wayland
information and took it to her, and that is the reason for our collection.

Jeff and Luther are NOT brothers. According to the two articles in the
Historian, Jeff's parents were Thomas J. and Samantha (Sanders)
Wayland. Thomas J.'s parents were Henry and Mary E. (Matthews) Wayland
(Henry's 5th child, by 2nd wife)

Luther's parents were James Frank and Flora Ella (Hudgens) Wayland
James Frank's parents were George Washington and Francis Jane (Matthews)
George Washington was 2nd son of Henry and (1st wife) Hester (English)
We hope we have the relationships straight. If not, we're sure someone
will correct us.

According to the 2nd Historian article, Luther R. Wayland was the 12th
child of James Frank and Flora Ella (Hudgens) Wayland, and quoting from
the article:
"Luther married Maud May, his first wife, and they had no children.
Later he married Jerry Holt and they had one son. Luke, as Luther was
known to most everyone, moved to Tulas, Oklahoma in 1923 and still lives
there. "

We would be interested in your Skidmore's. After my grandfather Ware
died, my grandmother Nora (Shelton) Ware married William Henry Skidmore,
son of Henry and Annie Ledford Skidmore. They lived in Fulton Co. and
are buried in the Elizabeth Cemetery. Other than Will's own children by
his first wife, Callie Campbell, we have not done much research about
the Skidmore family. It would be nice to have a better record of his
family, since I never knew my grandpa Ware, but considered grandpa
Skidmore as "my grandpa".

Wanda (Ware) and Jim Hobbs


>Good to here from you Jim and Wanda,
>Yes - I believe you are correct that Alice I. is actually Della Alice -
>I've also seen her as Dellar. I'm not sure if Della or Dellar was a
>nickname that stuck or was actually her given name. I was not aware of a
>child by the name of Bernice - but I have another girl named "May Wayland"
>in my records. I wonder if these 2 are the same also? (Maybe Bernice May
>My grandmother Annie May spoke of the Waylands many times. There is
>actually another WAYLAND / MAY connection within this same family. Della's
>sister Anna Maude May married Luther R. Wayland and they had one child, but
>I'm not sure if the child survived long. Luther apparently died early too
>and Anna Maude later married Garland Moody and had several children.
>I'd love to know more of the Waylands as past the generation we're
>discussing I know very little. Were Jeff and Luther brothers (I've thought
>they might be but was not sure)? Thanks for the info so far - you've
>already filled in some gaps.
>If you happen to know any more info about the MAY family I'd be very
>curious also. We really don't know much about the MAY's past Della's
>father - but I do have quite a bit of info on her mother's side about the
>Skidmores and several previous generations that I'd be glad to share if you
>are interested..

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