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Subject: Partee, Smith and Denton?--Bernie
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 13:07:29 EST

Bernie, I meant to send this to you on Friday when I stumbled across it
looking for other folks in TN. It caught my attention but didn't have any
rememberance about your Dentons being from TN. Just hit me strangely at the time----

Joel Denton
Jane Armstrong
28 Jan 1812
TN-Jefferson Co

Jacob G. Denton
Sally Armstrong
31 Aug 1813
TN-Jefferson Co.

Just felt like the Armstrongs were sisters and the Dentons were related,
maybe not brothers but at least cousins.

In a message dated 2/7/2005 11:03:40 AM Central Standard Time,
Hi guys

Just wanted to drop a post this morning and ask if anyone has any information
on the descendants of a Partee bride and James Denton?

This James Denton was the son of Jane (maiden name unknown) Denton Smith. I
do not know the given name of her Denton husband; but believe that Smith
husband was Elijah.

In 1850; Jane is a widowed Denton shown with three children; Martha, James
and John. By 1860 she is again widowed and a Smith now. In her household is
James and John and my ggrandmother; Rebecca Jane Denton Blankinship. Also in
the household are a Robert and Samuel. I believe these last two young boys are
Smiths - children of Elijah Smith, deceased.

I do not know whatever happened to Robert and Samuel - find neither in the
1870 census as a Denton or a Smith.

Jane's son; John Denton perished in the War.

Her son; James Denton survived and married a Partee and believe that her
given name was Mary.

I would be real interested in connecting with researchers of the James Denton
and Mary (?) Partee family; in hopes of finding out more about John Denton;
brother to James Denton. I recall finding James Denton in an 1870 census and
he was listed as a minister.

Or does anyone know where this Elijah Smith came from? It appears from the
births of Samuel and Robert and with the assumption that they are Smiths by
birth - that Jane Denton married Elijah Smith shortly after the 1850 census.
However, I do not find an Elijah Smith in the 1850 Izard Co. census. Could be
that he was from a neighboring county?

Jane Denton Smith and Elijah Smith are buried at the Custer-Herron Cemetery.
Many of my Smiths are also buried there. Could Elijah Smith be related to my
Thomas J. Smith?

Rebecca Jane Denton and James Calvin Blankinship's daughter; Nancy Emma
Blankinship married Sherman Lee Smith and Sherman was the son of Thomas J. Smith
and Nancy Ann Sinor.

Anyone? Just thought that I would throw it all out?

Bernie Moore-Knowles
Papa'aloa, Hawai'i

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