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From: Jean Mayfield Cuevas <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Message Format Problems (Jean C.)
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 07:46:21 -0500
In-Reply-To: <080e01c4fb23$5fb856c0$6400a8c0@sager>


Because I am not really familiar with Outlook Express, I took a little time
to ask folks on my Listowners-L mailing list for some help and got a couple
of replies back that I will copy and past for you to the list, as there may
be other Outlook Express folks who could use the information, as well:
"Immediately below the box where REPLY TO MESSAGES shows up, there is a box
that she can check to SEND MESSAGES IN PLAIN TEXT. Ask her to check that
box also and try."

******** I figured that you already knew this one, but am including it.
2nd Response:

Hi Jean,
In the updated versions of OE you need to check in the "address book" for
the e-mail address of the mailing list, open that address, and tick the box
that says "send e-mail in plain text only".
In the updated versions of Outlook you need to go to the "address book" open
the mailing list e-mail contact and double click on the e-mail address (this
one is well hidden), this opens another box in which you can select how to
send mail to this address.
Meryl Yost, Launceston, Tasmania
Dale, I am not sure if these are the answer to your question. I didn't
get any response as to any changes at Rootsweb that would have made a
difference with your messages.

Jean Cuevas

At 10:55 AM 1/15/2005 -0600, you wrote:
>While I've got your attention, do you know what's changed at RootsWeb re
>the following? (Or is my computer just possessed?)
>I've got Outlook Express set up to "Reply to
>messages using the format in which they were sent." (That's under Tools -->
>Options --> Send.) I've also got "Send E-Mail using plain text only"
>checked in the Properties
>section for ARIZARD in my address book. Until around the first of the
>year that was working just fine.
>Messages to the list are and always have been in plain text, so my replies
>would always
>automatically be converted to plain text (by Outlook Express, I assume)
>even though I'd still see
>them in
>rich text before they were sent. But ever since around the first of the year
>whenever I've replied to a message on the list I've immediately gotten an
>automated reply from RootsWeb telling me I can't send pictures, attachments,
>HTML, etc. Grrrr! I already know that, and I'm NOT sending pictures,
>HTML, etc. Each time I've had to go in and manually change the format of
>the message before sending it. (Format --> Plain Text) And half the time I
>forget to do that (including the first time I sent this one). This has
>become a big pain, and I'd just like to know if something at RootsWeb has
>because I haven't changed anything in my settings that I know of.
>I don't like this new setting! When you convert a message to plain text
>before sending, it messes
>up the font size and margins (just look at the mess it made of this
>message to see that) and makes sending a report or outline very difficult
>because it
>removes all the formatting, i.e. removing most of the spaces and squishing
>everything together. Before it would convert the message to plain text but
>wouldn't mess up the formatting or margins, although it did bump the font
>size up from 10-pt to 12-pt, a minor annoyance but no big deal. If you've
>included a link it even
>removes the underlining. (See an example of that in the "helpdesk"
>message below. BTW, those
>instructions on that page don't solve the problem.)
>It does appear they've recently made some sort of change, but they're SENDING
>messages in plain text, so the way I've got Outlook Express set up, it
>should still be automatically REPLYING in plain text, but it's apparently
>not. (I
>didn't know "HTML-ified" was a word!) This is the "error" message you get:
>Hi --
>The message you submitted to this list (included above) wasn't
>sent to the list subscribers. RootsWeb accepts only plain text
>mail. That means that HTML mail, attachments, ``enriched text'',
>and a few other formats can't be sent to RootsWeb mailing lists.
>You can post your message if you send it in plain text; turn off
>the ``Post in HTML'' or ``Enriched Text'' features of your mail
>reader, or don't use any attachments. See
>for instructions on turning off HTML in most of the popular mail
>programs, or ask your ISP's technical support line for help.
>We've had to institute this policy because of the problems that
>accompany these fancy mail formats. Some people don't have mail
>programs that are capable of processing the special file formats.
>Even among those who do, different mail programs handle these
>special formats in very different and confusing ways. HTML messages
>pose special problems to our digested mailing lists. Most of all,
>HTML-ified mail and attachments place a considerable burden on
>RootsWeb's overworked machines. All in all, mail in this format
>produces a lot of problems for RootsWeb's servers and subscribers,
>so we find it's best just to use plain text.
>-- The RootsWeb staff

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