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From: "Dale Marr" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Message Format Problems (Jean C.) - Dale
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 12:30:29 -0600
References: <080e01c4fb23$5fb856c0$6400a8c0@sager> <005801c4fb26$6df9e840$58a8bbd0@patricia52834>


If you'll look at that section again (Tools --> Options --> Send) you'll see six check boxes under
"Sending" in addition to the "Mail Sending Format" and "News Sending Format" sections underneath.
What I've got checked, which has
always worked before, is the sixth box which is "Reply to messages using the format in which they
were sent." I
also have HTML selected as the mail sending format, but you can override that on an individual basis
by going into your address book and checking "Send E-Mail as plain text only" on the Properties page
for any individual address. I've got that checked for ARIZARD.

You've likely always had your mail sending format set to HTML. It's the default when Outlook
Express is installed, and frankly, I want it set that way when I send mail or reply to a message
other than to the list. If the recipient's machine can't deal with "HTML-ified" mail, then he can
set his mail program to read all messages in plain text. It would have to be a very old computer
not to be able to read HTML anyway. Using plain text you can't underline, use bold type, italics,
imbed pictures, use special characters, or anything else but just what you see on your keyboard.
That's fine for the list, but I don't want all my private e-mail to be in plain text, and if you
change that setting you referred to, that's what will happen.

My point was that while these have always been my settings, since around the first of the year my
messages have been bounced by RootsWeb unless while still in the window where I'm composing the
message I remember to click on Format and check "Plain Text." Always before Outlook Express (or
maybe RootsWeb) would automatically convert the message to plain text and wouldn't mess up the
margins. Now, when I convert it while still in the "compose mail" window the formatting and margins
get all screwed up. (See the first paragraph of this message for an example.)

Your messages and everyone else's are coming through as plain text, as always, but I can't believe,
unless something has changed on my end, that no one else is experiencing this problem. While it
does sometimes seem these things are related to the phase of the moon or sunspots or some such
thing, I don't think we've had a full moon every single night since January 1st!


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