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From: "Dale Marr" <>
Subject: Message Format Problems (Jean C.)
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 10:55:51 -0600


While I've got your attention, do you know what's changed at RootsWeb re the following? (Or is my
computer just possessed?)

I've got Outlook Express set up to "Reply to
messages using the format in which they were sent." (That's under Tools -->
Options --> Send.) I've also got "Send E-Mail using plain text only" checked in the Properties
section for ARIZARD in my address book. Until around the first of the year that was working just

Messages to the list are and always have been in plain text, so my replies would always
automatically be converted to plain text (by Outlook Express, I assume) even though I'd still see
them in
rich text before they were sent. But ever since around the first of the year
whenever I've replied to a message on the list I've immediately gotten an
automated reply from RootsWeb telling me I can't send pictures, attachments,
HTML, etc. Grrrr! I already know that, and I'm NOT sending pictures, attachments,
HTML, etc. Each time I've had to go in and manually change the format of
the message before sending it. (Format --> Plain Text) And half the time I
forget to do that (including the first time I sent this one). This has
become a big pain, and I'd just like to know if something at RootsWeb has changed
because I haven't changed anything in my settings that I know of.

I don't like this new setting! When you convert a message to plain text before sending, it messes
up the font size and margins (just look at the mess it made of this message to see that) and makes
sending a report or outline very difficult because it
removes all the formatting, i.e. removing most of the spaces and squishing everything together.
Before it would convert the message to plain text but wouldn't mess up the formatting or margins,
although it did bump the font size up from 10-pt to 12-pt, a minor annoyance but no big deal. If
you've included a link it even
removes the underlining. (See an example of that in the "helpdesk" message below. BTW, those
instructions on that page don't solve the problem.)

It does appear they've recently made some sort of change, but they're SENDING
messages in plain text, so the way I've got Outlook Express set up, it
should still be automatically REPLYING in plain text, but it's apparently not. (I
didn't know "HTML-ified" was a word!) This is the "error" message you get:

Hi --

The message you submitted to this list (included above) wasn't
sent to the list subscribers. RootsWeb accepts only plain text
mail. That means that HTML mail, attachments, ``enriched text'',
and a few other formats can't be sent to RootsWeb mailing lists.
You can post your message if you send it in plain text; turn off
the ``Post in HTML'' or ``Enriched Text'' features of your mail
reader, or don't use any attachments. See
for instructions on turning off HTML in most of the popular mail
programs, or ask your ISP's technical support line for help.

We've had to institute this policy because of the problems that
accompany these fancy mail formats. Some people don't have mail
programs that are capable of processing the special file formats.
Even among those who do, different mail programs handle these
special formats in very different and confusing ways. HTML messages
pose special problems to our digested mailing lists. Most of all,
HTML-ified mail and attachments place a considerable burden on
RootsWeb's overworked machines. All in all, mail in this format
produces a lot of problems for RootsWeb's servers and subscribers,
so we find it's best just to use plain text.

-- The RootsWeb staff


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