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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Zachariah Finley died about 1844 - Joyce
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 19:04:35 -0600
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Dorothy, A.C. Jeffery names Zach(ariah) as a son of Uzz Finley.....

by A C Jeffery
Two brothers of the Finley family first came to the White River valley,
bringing their families and a pretty large negro property. They came from
Lawrence County but afterwards moved to White River in Izard County. Old Uz
Finley's boys were Bill, ZACH, and Charles (Charles was an early member of
Adams Lodge F&AM in 1861). The old man had an old negro named Bosen. He and
Bosen both lived to be very old. In their old days, Uz would go to the
election and get drunk. He would take Bosen along to take care of him, and
Bosen would never fail to get drunk too. Old Uz was a small man, very witty,
very good-humored, and laughed a great deal. He was grandfather to the
present Clerk of Izard County, and a facsimile of the laughs and jokes which
amused the boys on White River 50 years ago may now be seen about the
clerk's office in Melbourne. On one occasion, old John Carter, who was also
a very witty, good humored man, and Uz Finley, were both very old and both
wading a wide swath at the election. Finally, they fell out and wanted to
fight but the bystanders wouldn't let them. Finally Old Uz commanded Mr.
Carter to stand and let him curse him. Mr. Carter, with his hat off, about
ten paces in front, notified Mr. Finley to proceed. Mr. Finley, with his hat
in hand, commenced; "Mr. Carter, if this earth were one piece of parchment,
and the sea one basin of ink, and every quill upon earth were one quill, and
I had the power to use that pen -- that ink -- and that parchment, I would
fall far short, sir, of being able to describe the corruption of your damned
old heart, sir." Mr. Carter stood silent until he had closed, when he
commanded Mr. Finley to "Stand sir, till I curse you." Mr. Finley bowed his
head, and Mr. Carter commended: "Mr. Finley, had I all the talents ever
produced in Europe and America combined in one solid phalenx and was to
undertake to speak of you, I would fall far short of describing the
corruption of your damned old heart, sir." This ended the affray and they
were both ready to take something to drink again.

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