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From: "Vera Reeves" <>
Subject: Calico Rock News papers
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 19:35:33 -0500
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Janis, I think I'll go ahead an order the next 2 rolls of the Progress. Hope
it will take me up to 1950.

I would be interested in the early 1990 Currant obituaries. Do you know
whose collection they were? My greataunt had a collection of old newspapers
in a back bedroom. I tried to get them but never heard anything about them
after her funeral. She's the one that gave me the ones I have of the 1970s &
1980s. For some reason she would only give me a few at a time.

Better yet why don't you type them up and share them with everyone :-)


> There are some of both. As I said I have only glanced through them as I
> trying to sort.
> There appears to be issues of the Calico Rock Progress from 1955 - 1957, a
> few in the 1960's and a lot from 1970 - 1975, but I don't know yet how
> complete.
> The Current has a lot of issues in the early to mid 1970's and then
> issues in the early 1990's. There were also a few issues of the Harrison
> Daily Times - early 1990's, I think.
> Janis
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