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From: "betty" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Campbells of Izard Co--and books
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 16:53:56 -0500

The books are Arkansas Made, Vol 1 and 11. The authors was Swannee Bennett
and William B. Worthen. It was published by the U of A press, no. one in
1990 and Two in 1991.
It says "A Survey of the Decorative, Mechanical, and Fine Arts Produced in
Arkansas, 1819-1870."
They also list no of craftmen in each county that was gun make and etc.

I purchased mine from Barnes and Noble from their used book department.

I saw one of the books and just had to have them and that was the only way
I was able to aquire them.
The artist was Henry Byrd that did the painting in Batesville. I think I
was wrong on the Bates family, it was the William Byers Family.

Three of the painting of a family in Ft. Smith is attributed to George
Catlin. He was supposely stranded in Ft. Smith on his was West and did the
painting then.

If you can't find the Books you are welcome to borrow mine.

Betty BB

I didn't foward your last email on home and may not get all answered.
On who was taught at the Art School. I do know that adults took the class.
There may have been on for children also. That is something we need to find
I will do some calling around tonight and see what I come up with.
I think the class was held at the Violet Hill School. I not sure if the
school was involved other that the use of there building or not.

At the least I would like to record as many of Aunt Cora's painting that I
can find.
I call the shop in Calico Rock and they do still have the painting. I plan
to go Friday and at least take a photo of the painting.
I wasn't aware of 20/20 in Calico Rock. What are they?

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