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Subject: Campbells of Izard Co--Betty BB
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 00:29:11 EDT

Betty BB,
This would have been about two weeks ago, it was in the last space before the
stairs in Gwen's Olde World in CR. It caught my eyes because there were some
other paintings in that space. I actually can't remember if there was any
indication that it was the railroad spur below Calico but that is the area that it
reminded me of. (However, it may be from some other area but the barren hills
looked like the area where the cedars were burned south of CR so I
automatically associated the areas---thou it may be incorrect.)

Betty, I was in a really big hurry when I ran in there to say Hi to an old
friend of mine who was in the shop! Betty Mc it was your cousin, Glenda.

Betty BB, we didn't inquire whether the space renter had more of Cora
Campbell's work. Possible?

Bet you were fascinated as a child watching her, weren't you?
Lovely story about her work. Know both you and Harold are proud of this lady.
If she was self-taught, she was quite accomplished.

Isn't it strange how some churches don't insist on taking the art with them?
I was shocked at the Baptist Church near Children's Hospital and them leaving
the stained glass windows. I would have thought those would have been small
treasures to move to the new location as reminders of the church's past? What a
treasure you got of your relative's work!

n a message dated 9/5/2004 11:00:16 PM Central Standard Time,
Might I ask where in Calico Rock you saw the paintings.

Betty BB

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