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From: "Vera Reeves" <>
Subject: Green's in Stone County - Jean
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 20:14:27 -0500
References: <002001c48aad$a34e9cf0$2f01a8c0@homewmagncro5p> <002001c48ab8$945572e0$220110ac@Strain> <000401c48abe$aa559010$6401a8c0@VALUED66329DCC> <00c901c48b73$06e9c4e0$be96fea9@debra> <000401c48b7f$e5a04590$220110ac@Strain> <003301c48c76$643a7a00$be96fea9@debra> <000401c48c83$26f102b0$220110ac@Strain> <00ea01c48c89$11db2800$0b00a8c0@vera> <000f01c48c94$5d703660$220110ac@Strain> <014401c48c8e$37cad1a0$0b00a8c0@vera> <001a01c48c98$40769f50$220110ac@Strain> <001001c48c98$94bd2d40$6401a8c0@VALUED66329DCC>

> You might try Independence County.William Marshall lived at Salado at one
> time.In fact he may be buried in Independence Coounty Some of his
> are buried at Maple Springs.I planned to go there and see,But is has been
> hot. Lyndell
> > >Richard Oliver Lowrance and Effie DeLettie Green

Might have to check at the court house.
I have the marriage books 1826 to 1898.
Don't know if there has been books made for dates after 1898.


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