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From: "Jean Strain" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Slavery Insurance (off topic)
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 13:01:40 -0600
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Well~~~I really don't know if I descended from slaves, or not!! Since most
of my ancestors were FROM the south, I tell people who know that I'm
researching, that my ancestors either owned slaves, or WERE slaves!! God
created us all!!
Good hunting, all !!! Jean in Texas
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Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 11:11 AM
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Slavery Insurance (off topic)

> Dale,
> I differ with your arguments and their tone on so many levels, but as with
> many of your past diatribes which "stir up controversy," I will not engage
> you, except for one point.
> I WILL NOT be teaching my 4 year old black son to appreciate the fact that
> slave traders kidnapped or purchased his ancestors, tossed them in the
> filthy bottom of a ship (in unfathomably worse conditions than any in
> my white immigrant ancestors arrived, luxury liners notwithstanding),
> degraded and sold them in America to work in slavery for the financial
> betterment of their owners, to be insured by companies which made profits
> this despicable practice and to die without ever having experienced the
> freedoms guaranteed by our Founding Fathers.
> I WILL NOT teach him to sing high praises of gratitude that his ancestors
> were the ones lucky enough to have experienced these evils, just so that
> someday, my little son could experience all "the wealth of opportunity
> the United States of America can offer."
> I WILL NOT teach Haden that the aftereffects of slavery no longer exist
> I know that society will soon disavow him of any such illusion as he
> experiences discriminations not felt by his two brothers, due to the
> difference in the color of their skins.
> When you started your sentence, "it may sound insensitive," you should
> stopped and realized that such comments went beyond insensitive and
> would be vulgar and hurtful to anyone whose ancestors did not own slaves,
> but instead WERE slaves. But, of course, you made the assumption you were
> offering your opinions to a white group of people who would mostly agree
> with you.
> It's not about being "politically correct," it's about being mean.
> Bill
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> From: "Dale Marr" <>
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> Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 11:10 AM
> Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Slavery Insurance (off topic)
> > > If slavery has touched your family in any way...
> >
> > I'm probably going to kick the anthill here, and that is not my
> but I cannot bite my tongue any longer. This is in no way directed at
> Paula, since you were simply posting information. But isn't this just
> another way to punish people and companies for things they had absolutely
> nothing to do with? What other reason would there be for compiling such
> information? The people who founded XYZ Insurance Company may have issued
> policies to slave owners for their slaves, but I seriously doubt that any
> those people -- the insurance company owners, the policy holders, or the
> slaves -- are still alive today, and I also doubt the people who own those
> same companies today nor the living descendants of slave owners who bought
> such policies approve of the despicable practice of slavery.
> >
> > Like it or not, and let me make this perfectly clear -- I don't, slavery
> was legal and widely practiced during the history of this country. None
> us can change that fact. Slaves were considered "property," and people
> insure their property. Yes, it was shameful. But when do you stop
> apologizing and move on? The same could be said for the American Indian
> today, or "Native American" if you prefer, but that's a different subject.
> I would guess there's not a subscriber to this list whose ancestors did
> own slaves at one time. Should we all be somehow punished or penalized
> today for what our ancestors did? Should we all walk around apologizing
> nauseum? There are a lot of people in this country today enjoying all the
> wealth of opportunity only the United States of America can offer whose
> ancestors were slaves. It may sound insensitive, but instead of dwelling
> all the injustices their ancestors may have suffered, it seems to me
> be grateful their ancestors!
> > got here at all. By all means, acknowledge those injustices and
> appreciate your ancestors' sacrifices, whether they had a choice or not,
> once you've done that, accept the past and move on! I doubt any of our
> ancestors arrived here on luxury liners.
> >
> > I would also imagine that the founders of most businesses from that era
> that are still around today (the businesses, not the founders!) also owned
> slaves. Are we supposed to research every company we do business with and
> boycott those whose founders owned slaves? Good grief, we'd all have to
> hunt and grow our own food and make our own clothes. We couldn't buy a
> to hunt with, and we'd have to cook our food on a stick over an open fire
> because we probably couldn't find a gun or stove or frying pan made by a
> company that never had anything to do with slavery. We wouldn't be able
> drive anywhere because the routes most of our roads and highways follow
> today were in many cases cleared by slave labor. Of course, that's
> we could find a car made by a company whose originators didn't own slaves
> an oil company never "touched by slavery" from which we could buy the gas
> fill the tank. One could go on and on with this line of thinking. I
> see any purpose !
> > for this kind of legislation but simply to stir up controversy and hurt
> people who have done nothing wrong. In my opinion it's political
> correctness and reverse discrimination gone amuck -- yet again.
> >
> > Whew! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.
> >
> > Dale
> >
> >
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