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From: "Dale Marr" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Slavery Insurance (off topic)
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 11:10:57 -0500
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> If slavery has touched your family in any way...

I'm probably going to kick the anthill here, and that is not my intention, but I cannot bite my tongue any longer. This is in no way directed at you, Paula, since you were simply posting information. But isn't this just another way to punish people and companies for things they had absolutely nothing to do with? What other reason would there be for compiling such information? The people who founded XYZ Insurance Company may have issued policies to slave owners for their slaves, but I seriously doubt that any of those people -- the insurance company owners, the policy holders, or the slaves -- are still alive today, and I also doubt the people who own those same companies today nor the living descendants of slave owners who bought such policies approve of the despicable practice of slavery.

Like it or not, and let me make this perfectly clear -- I don't, slavery was legal and widely practiced during the history of this country. None of us can change that fact. Slaves were considered "property," and people insure their property. Yes, it was shameful. But when do you stop apologizing and move on? The same could be said for the American Indian today, or "Native American" if you prefer, but that's a different subject. I would guess there's not a subscriber to this list whose ancestors did not own slaves at one time. Should we all be somehow punished or penalized today for what our ancestors did? Should we all walk around apologizing ad nauseum? There are a lot of people in this country today enjoying all the wealth of opportunity only the United States of America can offer whose ancestors were slaves. It may sound insensitive, but instead of dwelling on all the injustices their ancestors may have suffered, it seems to me they'd be grateful their ancestors!
got here at all. By all means, acknowledge those injustices and appreciate your ancestors' sacrifices, whether they had a choice or not, but once you've done that, accept the past and move on! I doubt any of our ancestors arrived here on luxury liners.

I would also imagine that the founders of most businesses from that era that are still around today (the businesses, not the founders!) also owned slaves. Are we supposed to research every company we do business with and boycott those whose founders owned slaves? Good grief, we'd all have to hunt and grow our own food and make our own clothes. We couldn't buy a gun to hunt with, and we'd have to cook our food on a stick over an open fire because we probably couldn't find a gun or stove or frying pan made by a company that never had anything to do with slavery. We wouldn't be able to drive anywhere because the routes most of our roads and highways follow today were in many cases cleared by slave labor. Of course, that's assuming we could find a car made by a company whose originators didn't own slaves or an oil company never "touched by slavery" from which we could buy the gas to fill the tank. One could go on and on with this line of thinking. I can't see any purpose !
for this kind of legislation but simply to stir up controversy and hurt people who have done nothing wrong. In my opinion it's political correctness and reverse discrimination gone amuck -- yet again.

Whew! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


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