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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Lena Bernice Smith - Paula
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 10:49:33 -0700
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Hi Paula

My mother was Lena Bernice Smith - daughter of Sherman Smith and Nancy
Blankinship. She was born there in Guion in 1918. What the family was
doing there in Guion (Sherman's brothers were there, maybe?) in 1918 - I
have as of yet to figure out.

Sherman was not a well man - having battled tuberculosis most of his adult
life. He had Baxter Co. origins, then his Smith family moved into Indian
Territory around the time of the Dawes Commission applications and then back
to Baxter Co. When the Smith parents passed away at relatively young ages,
the children scattered to all parts of the states: Baltimore, Maryland -
Sand Springs, Oklahoma - Little Rock, Arkansas - Savannah, Georgia to name a

One Smith brother ; Everett was living in Guion at the time of his early
death and the other; Lewis stayed in the Henderson area after his stint in
France. Both men died in those areas. A grandson of Lewis' lives there
now - returning to care for his ailing mother; after having lived "away" for
many years.

Mother's mother; the former Nancy Blankinship - had Izard Co. connections,
but very early ones. They seem to have mostly been found within Sharp and
Independence Co. borders.

The only thing that I can think of, his that Mother's father may have been
attempting employment at that Sand Mill in Guion in 1918 - or working some
cotton in the area. They were migrant workers and it appears that most of
the family's income may have been derived from Sherman's stills.

Mother told me once that she used to "slip off" and go with her father to
check his stills. Mother's mother; Nancy was very religious - never drank a
drop of liquor her entire life; I bet and was not too keen that her Smith
husband had followed in the occupation of his father's - Tom Smith - in the
production of that forbidden liquor. Bottom line was, it was "just between
Mother and her father" that there was a still.

Or maybe that was what Nancy "let" Sherman think? LOL

Have you ever read the book, "The Education of Little Tree?" That book was
given to me by a cousin; shortly after the death of my mother in 1990.

My mother NEVER told me the prejudice that she endured - growing up - but,
my father had spoken of her early life to me, some. But, the book told me a
story and one that was sad, I suppose. But, it made Mother the considerate,
tolerant person that raised me - her upbringing did. So, the book spelled
out her life fairly well.

You should read it sometime.

Great book.

Great Mother, too.

Bernie Moore-Knowles
Phoenix, Arizona - Papa'aloa, Hawai'i

"I have Indian blood in me. I have just enough White blood for you to
question my honesty." ........Will Rogers

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> would love to seethis pic. I was born at Guion (1931) and I knew about 9
> the persons named. I think we've prob had this conversation before but
> was your mother? Thanks, Paula Bryant Killian
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