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From: "Michael W. Condardo" <>
Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Re Salla JONES Bernie
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 21:57:21 -0700

Bernie and All,

No...I'm pretty much convinced that the Salla (age 10 in 1870) is the one
who married our John Langston, John Brown, and DB Cox...and is Gideon's

The reason I brought her up again is that I think I can show how both JONES
families are related to each other. I just wanted to know if anyone had
found any more.

I believe the age in her marriage record to John Brown was more than a
little off from the data for Salla in the 1870 census.

This raised the question of William's daughter Sarah be the Sally in
question. I don't remember seeing anything further on her.

I'll have to check on the Collins girls.

Mike C.

Bernie wrote...
I think that we Jones researchers (my Langston connection, really) were
thinking that John Langston married the one that was aged ten in the 1870
census (and aged six in the 1860 census - don't cha just love it? LOL); but
Michael is bringing up the point (I think) that he might have been married
to the Sarah that was the sister to Gideon Jones and not his daughter;
Sarah - but his sister that was aged fifteen in the 1870 census.

Did that make sense, Joycie?

I don't have a marriage for the sister; Sarah and from my notes - I have
that her middle name was Jane. Of course, sounds like Gideon must have
named his daughter; Sarah after his step-sister - so, her middle name could
have very well been Jane, too.

Gideon's mother was Phoebe Collins and as I understand it, his father
married Millie Collins, Phoebe's sister - upon Phoebe's death circa 1850.

Do I have that right, Albert and Michael?

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