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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] SINOR (#1) (Bernie & Don)
Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 19:51:30 -0500
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Don, this was most interesting to me, too, as Joel SINOR is mentioned in the
narrative of my great-great-grandfather, William Alexander "Uncle Billy"
RIDGWAY (1825, Weakley County, TN - 1917, Shady Grove near Buford, Baxter
County, AR).

" . There was no Primitive Baptist Church in this neighborhood when I first
came here. Salem Church held its meeting six miles northeast of here with
only a few old members. Salem Church was organized in 1843.

Never had any church house, until we built one in this neighborhood. I do
not think there were but eight members. There were two preachers who took
to visiting at a place known as Burton School House -- Elders Rogers and

As there was so few, and so scattered, and all old, they hardly ever met and
held conference. So, when these preachers went to visiting, they got to
holding conferences. The church began to revive.

Several united by letter. One was restored that had been with the
missionaries. Two or three by experience and baptism. Among these was my
wife. [1st two wives died and this was Salena JONES, never before married]

She was reared by Methodist parents and had belonged to the church since a
girl, some 30 years. She asked me one day if I would be better satisfied if
she would unite with the Baptist Church. I told her, of course, I would,
but I wanted her to be satisfied.

The next meeting, we went. When an opportunity was offered, she went
forward. She had not told her intentions to me. She was baptized next day
by Elder Joel Sinor, their regular pastor, who has now passed away. He was
over 80 years old at his death. A sound man - a pattern - many friends, and
no enemies, as a citizen.

As I had never got my letter from Sharp County; I had written for a letter
but had not got it. So I thought as my wife had united that I would talk to
the church and if they would receive me, it would be alright -- if not,

I had not said but a few words when Brother Rogers (one of the preachers
present) spoke. He told the church that he would recommend me as he had
known me ever since I had been in the State. We had at one time belonged to
the same church. So they received me. They still let me stay with them,
though I am not worthy a name in such a sacred institution.

As there were more members in this neighborhood, they agreed to extend an
arm over here.

Brother Sinor was old and feeble. Brother Rogers attended us regularly.

Three united by letter, and during 1889, there were four added by experience
and baptism.

Elder W. J. Casey, of Boone County, visited us and there were three
churches -- one in Marion, one in Boone, and one in Searcy, Counties -- that
did not belong to any association. So Brother Casey requested us to meet at
Enon Church in Marion County on Saturday, before the second Sunday in
September 1889 for the purpose of organizing into an association. [1880C
MCAR - Sugar Loaf Township: William J. Casey, age 30, b. AR, with wife
Caroline, age 37, b. TN, daughter Catherine, age 9, b. AR, and his parents,
Sevier CASEY, age 77, b. KY, and Catherine, age 77, b. KY. Wife Caroline
may have been a BEARD, as sister-in-law, Ellen BEARD, age 24, b. KY, is in
. "

(will continue in new post)

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> >Another of my ancestors; Joel Sinor was married first to a Sarah Henry in
> >1835. He was seventeen years old...........and she was seventy-four
> >old!
> >
> >True story.
> Bernie,
> I thought the story that goes along with that marriage was very
> interesting. The elderly lady, Sarah Henry, told Joel's parents if he
> marry her, she would leave all her possessions to him. 1850 Bradley Co.
> Tn. Census lists him as 26 and she is 85, so she didn't die off quickly.
> Maybe that is why he became a Baptist minister during the first marriage.
> As I recall I saw an extract of their marriage and I thought it was 28
> 1839 in Green Co. TN. At least all the math works out if his birth is 1822
> and she about 1765 rather than the marriage of 1835.
> As I recall he was not much luckier with the second marriage, she
> promised she would marry him if she could bring along her aging parents. I
> guess that worked out on the farm in Colfax, Marion, (now Baxter) County
> Arkansas. The only reasonably flat farming land in that area is now the
> Country Club and Golf Course. Wonder if he once owned that land. He traded
> for this land while on a trip to Springfield Mo. from Tennessee, to take
> preaching job, he stopped and stayed all night with an alone lady whose
> husband was running from the law and hiding in Missouri. The lady said she
> would trade her land for his horse and wagon and she wanted to keep her
> personal possessions. She left for Missouri and he left to go back to get
> married and bring his wife and her family to Arkansas.
> During the Civil War, Joel and others would hide out at a near by
> spring to avoid the Bushwhackers. Lydia would bring food at night.
> He is still shown in the 1900 Census at that location
> Don
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