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From: "J.Cooper Walker" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Dollie Smith
Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 13:15:43 -0500
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Hi Bernie...I have been searching for the Dollie Smith, finally found "guess" on the number is a 2 or a 3..judging from her age , the 7
would have her married at a very early age...still possible.

The area mentioned in the census, Markham street would be about where the
old train station is ..would have been in a "red light" district at the
time, if I remember my Little Rock History.


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Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Dollie Smith

> Hi guys
> Bottom line was: Dollie spent much of her early adulthood in the
employment of brothels. Both in Arkansas and the early days of the Tulsa
oil boom in Oklahoma. Worked the old Tulsa Hotel, down on Brady Street.
> I was told also old that Dollie had had an early marriage; that he had
died young and that she remarried later in life to one of her tricks - a
German named Rust. >
> Anyway, I found Dollie in 1910 Little Rock, Arkansas. - in the home of a
May Leonard. House full of women and all the households surrounding Miss
Leonard's was the same situation. Head of house was a woman; and a house
full of young women to follow.
> Some of these women were listed as single - but,most appear to have been
enumerated as being married AND having children. No children are living
with them and no husband's are around. Just, the "keeper of the boarding
> It does list Dollie as having been married once and as having had one
child and no child living in 1910.
> So, my question to you all is this:
> Would someone look on this Heritage Quest census image that I found Dollie
on and see if you can see what the number is that represents the number of
years that she has been married? All the years for the other women that are
listed in her household is legible - but, not Dollie's. Would love to know
who her first marriage was to - and in knowing the year, think it would at
least be a start.
> Anyone have time? Here is what I came up with:
> 15 April 1910 Pulaski Co., Arkansas census, Little Rock, Big Rock
Township, household #6/6:
> LEONARD, May head F W 30 md/1 - 15 yrs 1/1 MT MO MO Keeper/Rooming house
> MITCHELL, Ruby boarder F W 24 md/1 - 3 yrs 0/0 IL US ENG
> SMITH, Dollie boarder F W 23 md/1 -7 (?) yr 1/0 OK OK OK
> JOHNSON, Elsie boarder F W 16 single US US US
> CARROLL (?), Hildie boarder F W 23 md/1 - 6 yrs 0/0 NC NC NC
> MOON, Lillian boarder F W 19 md/1 - 3 yrs 1/0 AR AR AR
> Note to file: All the women in the household are listed as having no
occupation. Married, but with no husbands? No marital status was recorded.
All the surrounding households are a similar situation. Sounds like a
street of brothels? The number of years that Dollie was married is almost
illegible; but appears to be a 7?

> Last year Vera was able to find Dollie in 1920 Sand Springs, Oklahoma.
She was living with Conrad Rust; as his wife - near her sister; Maude's
Tipton family.
> 1920 Tulsa Co., Oklahoma census, Sand Springs Township:
> RUST, Conrad head M W 32 M
> #93/93 Dollie wife F W 33 M
> And that is Dollie Smith so far, folks.
> Bernie Moore-Knowles
> Phoenix, Arizona - Papa'aola, Hawai'i

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